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Expired Super8 - what should I do?

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  • Expired Super8 - what should I do?

    I'm toying with getting some Super 8mm film to try out. There's listings for film that 50 years past it's sell by date.
    What things should I look out for? Is sell by and use by a thing with film. Any stock to avoid. Exposure adjustments! I'm also thinking to develop myself or should I get it done by a lab. I do like giving things ago.
    Tips and hints please 👍

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    This may help you :


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      Thanks Dominique. I was looking at Agfachrome and from the info in the link, it's ok but:
      This Agfachrome is processed in a black/white negative system in order to pull images out of it. A colour process doesn’t work very well.
      So not sure if the images are projectable or negative. So digitize and convert to positive. Good reference site though.
      Thanks for taking some time out from the Blackpool trip too


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        Originally posted by Stuart Budd View Post
        Thanks for taking some time out from the Blackpool trip too
        I'm waiting for the dinner 😉


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          Just read some more of the info on
          Kodachrome films can ONLY be developed into black/white negative films
          Look like old colour film is best developed as B&W negative. There's probable some exceptions.

          Enjoy your dinner and rest of your evening.


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            That is because Kodachrome has no colour couplers in the emulsion like other colour films (negative and reversal) and used three separate colour developing baths and multiple re-exposures to get the colour. It was more like toning a b&w film three times (one for each layer).