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2 Beaulieu 708 Projector Questions

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  • 2 Beaulieu 708 Projector Questions

    I have a couple of questions to those who own or are familiar with the Beaulieu 708. One is how do you clean the dirty and crud that has fallen into the slots for the volume and equalizer, etc?
    The second question. I have had 2 of these and both of them had 2 small, rectangular plastic blocks in the front pocket of the slip cover. I wondered what they were for? Were they something that was inserted some place when they shipped them from the factory?

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    Hello Zack,

    i would use a hose style vacuum cleaner and an artist's brush to clean the areas you mentioned. Put some parcel tape around the vacuum nozzle so it doesn't scratch the surface if they touch.

    I have no idea what the two blocks are for.



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      The black blocks are spacers to fit on the main printed board to lift the level scale instrument. /Björn


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        Thanks Neal. I tried out a vacuum technique as you suggested. Didn't work perfectly but definitely better than it was. Not sure if the last owner liked eating food over his projector or what Thanks Bjorn. So do those blocks just fall out over time? Are they inconsequential?


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          The glue dries out and they fell out. What can happen is that the VU instrument glue, also dries out.