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Looking For Replacement Lens For Kodak Sound 8 Projector

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  • Looking For Replacement Lens For Kodak Sound 8 Projector

    I'm looking for a good replacement lens for the vintage Kodak Sound 8 projector. I know other 8mm collectors still use them, and found that certain lenses from other projectors would work with the Sound 8? Anyone got any ideas?

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    Hi Stuart
    i have several of these great projectors, the lens barrel is a tricky size and difficult to find decent replacements. However I have a spare Kodak f 1.0 lens , the one that came with the machines when new. If its any use let me know.
    I modified one of mine, cut off the original barrel and put a 32.5 mm one in its place , this is a popular size and I now use a Eumig f1.1 prime lens. These projectors are ideal for an HID conversion and mine now has one , I am looking at my films in a whole new LIGHT! I also fitted 2200ft arms to allow features to run continuously without breaks. The arms are from an old BTH 16mm projector I had at the back of the garage. All my reels are Tuscan which I cut down by half .
    regards John