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Eumig 824 missing front sprocket

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  • Eumig 824 missing front sprocket

    Having made some progress in restoring this newly acquired machine and today having received the lamps I'd ordered, I was looking forward to seeing it work, only to find the Super 8 specific front sprocket is missing. That is the one listed as item no.47 in the parts identification diagram. Would any forum member perhaps have one that I could purchase or recommend a supplier I could try. I've tried Google search with no luck. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

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    I should point out that the 824 does not have separate sprockets for the two film gauges.
    The two existing sprockets are fixed with standard 8 teeth.
    For conversion, there are two "rings" with Super 8 teeth. These clip over the fixed sprockets to convert them to use Super 8 film.
    These are stored on a small "pad" which Eumig suggests be stuck somewhere on the projector with its adhesive backing.
    Unfortunately, this suggestion is sometimes not adhered to. This leads to the loss of the two separate sets of teeth.


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      Thank you Maurice for your response and explanation. The original owner took Eumig's advice and stuck the 3 pronged pad on top alongside the carry handle and that's where I found the larger of the 2 Super 8 "rings" when I collected the machine, but I wasn't to know there should be a smaller one as well. Only after reading the instruction booklet did I realise the need for those 2 loose rings.

      Are you aware if any other Eumig models use this interchangeable "ring" system?


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        I am fairly sure that only the 822 has the same sprocket rings as the 824. AFAIK other #8 models were either super only or used a different sized ring.


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          Thank you David for your response. I'll see if I can find more info on that.


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            Well... I had an 822 that was missing some bits, Standard 8 Gate I think, not sure now. Our man Nick had some parts and gifted them to me. So, at this time I have 3 824's complete. An 804D (same system), complete and 2 822's. Only 1 complete, it's missing... wait for it... the rear sprocket.
            Now I'm willing to swap my front sprocket for your rear sprocket
            No, hold on! That won't work
            Better yet, I'll gift you, no strings this front sprocket as I still have 5 complete and years to sort that other.

            Just PM your address and I'll send it off to you.

            It's those little "I didn't know that" that gets us all. If you look inside the lamp cover where the counter window is there is a little hole under the window and a small stud above. That's where the plastic holder would have been if the counter wasn't there. The hole would be threaded and the holder screwed in place. The 824 would have that plastic holder for the two super 8 sprockets and spool centre with a sticky back to stick to the outside of the case. Super 8 was the main selling point and Standard 8 was catered for if needed.

            Click image for larger version

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            Click image for larger version

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              Thank you Stuart for your most generous offer. It is genuinely appreciated as without this small front sprocket I would have had to start the process of sourcing another projector. You must be an avid cine 8 enthusiast with such a good collection of machines. Apart from your generosity you also have a very good sense of humour.

              Private message sent. Regards and best wishes, Brian


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                The package has left the building! We all like a good story, so until one comes along, here's the continuation of Brian's 824. "The Sprocket Connection".

                Postage is, I don't know if you agree, one of the main "worries" of delivery. Packed right? Will it get lost? Overseas! Import duties!! Tracking. Oh, the list goes on.

                I wanted to protect the sprocket yet send it cheaply and with little hassle. Years ago I sent a DVD, family photo DVD with a little letter to cousins in Australia. Packed in a DVD postage box. Went to our UK Post Office counter to send said item and was asked if there was a letter inside! Yes - The price went up! What irritated me was the conversation between me and the counter clerk. From just a chat to a sneaky extortion attempt. I say attempt as I was so infuriated as the weight and size hadn't changed that I asked for it back and told them, thank you, I now know to say "no" to the question, does it contain a letter? I then popped off to our town's other Post Office to send it on it's way.

                Hassel I can do without repeating, so scoured the internet for postal prices and conditions (size, weight). Found a good price. One for Signed which required a trip to the Post Office, the other I could print a label and pop it in a post box. That's the one I chose.

                Making the Box. Luckily I had just bought an Oil Filled Radiator and the box, although not quite the right size, was made of the right material. From that box I fashioned a new receptacle for the Eumig sprocket that should be, no more the 25mm thick!

                Post Office Counters again! Another time posting a package of a certain thickness at the Post Office Counter, the clerk would test the thickness using the various slots. Needless to say, sparks flew. Shove it man!! No, I wasn't telling the clerk I'd have it back and post else where, I was telling the clerk to put some effort in shoving the package through the slot!

                If it's not one thing it's another! May be it's me (rhetorical)? Anyway, to continue. After completing the package, seeds of doubt started to sprout. Was it too thick? 26mm perhaps! Out came the vernier caliper. Ahhh!!! Inconclusive! I needed a slot! A Test Slot. I had two shelving bracket uprights leaning in the corner and some nut and bolts upstairs. I constructed a suitable slot of 25mm (+/- ) and indeed the package could pass without the fear of piles! I could sleep peacefully.

                Suffice to say, the sprocket is on it's way. I just hope it doesn't meet a difficult slot on it's travels! Estimates have an arrival before 21st of this month.

                Fingers crossed


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                  Thanks again Stuart. You have gone to awful amount of trouble which I truly appreciate. If after all that you would like reimbursement please let me know. I look forward to receiving it and getting the machine rolling some film.

                  Regards, Brian


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                    The only reimbursement required is knowing there's another fully equipped 824 and happy owner out in the wild. Just got to wait now on the postie.


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                      What goes around, comes around Stuart...

                      ‚Äč Nick