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  • Bell & Howell 462A Question

    Can someone possibly let me know if the Bell & Howell 462A is a Super 8 projector or a standard 8mm?
    I have found the manual for 462 and it says Super 8 projector, but I don't know what 462A is and can't even find an image of the manual.

    I have a 461 that looks like its in pristine condition, but the original factory grease lubricant is all hardened / solidified so nothing is turning inside.

    I am wondering if I can transplant this pristine belt into the 462A, but it only matters if 462A is a Super 8 as that is what I am trying to project and view.

    I can post any pictures if needed.

    thank you in advance for any help.

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    Have a look at the attached video. In it, the owner of a Bell & Howell 462A is trying to auto thread a standard 8 film into what obviously is a Super 8 projector.
    Bell and Howell 8mm Autoload projector model 462 A - YouTube


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      Maurice Leakey thank you. I feel embarrassed because immediately after posting I realized I could answer my own question simply by looking at the size of the peg on the reels. This is clearly a Super 8 model, as standard 8mm is too small to fit on the reels. thank you again.