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Bolex 18-5 original flat belt + socket query

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  • Bolex 18-5 original flat belt + socket query

    I'm trying to help an associate who is new to 8mm but has one of these early 1960s Std 8 projectors. A helpful thread on the old Forum indicates that he has the original model that had one flat belt instead of three. The thread refers to this as hard to find, although I've found one person on ebay Germany offering this. If someone happens to know of another UK or European source, I'd appreciate the information.

    Other than the belt needing replacement, the projector looks in good condition and has the mains lead. However, it doesn't have anything to plug into the socket immediately above where the mains lead goes. It's unclear to me what this socket is for, so I'd be grateful if anyone could tell me.

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    On my 18-5, the socket above is to plug in a table lamp. When the projector is off, the lamp is powered and on; when you start the projector, the lamp is immediately switched off. A very good arrangement.


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      Hi Adrian, I believe that socket is to plug in a room lamp. Lamp goes off when projector is turned to play film.


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        Thanks John and Paul. What a clever and unusual feature for a projector!


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          Originally posted by Adrian Winchester View Post
          .....What a clever and unusual feature for a projector!....
          My Eumig P8 has the same arrangement.


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            I have a 1961 Bolex 18-5 Standard with the single flat belt. It is starting to lose traction and needs a nudge from the inching knob to get going. It is getting worse. Is there a source for a replacement? I am new to this site (and to 8mm projectors). Is there guidance or advice on whether to lubricate these machines and if so, how? Many thanks!‚Äč