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  • Grizzly Adams video!

    OK, I tried to get a decent video of my "restored" print, (restoration done by Alberto), and I regret to say that the quality is not what I desired. Unfortunately, my FLIP digital camera literally makes every super 8 video I take look like a red mess! So, I had to go into the editing functions in my video software to get the color back to the restored color, as much as possible. I wasn't all that successful, but some of that color creeps through. The print is much better. I also took the theme song and put it over the credits, as my print is still mute as of this time. i let the camera go beyond the title song to give you a little more of the film. The terrible thing about the reddening of the video, is that it makes it look so terrible. The worst of it is that nighttime campfire shot, which looks like a terrible red junkyard. But I hope those that have who have been asking to see it will at least get a little enjoyment out of the video.

    Here is the link ...

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    Hi Osi what stock was it, some seem to work better than others, but Eastman is usually OK.

    It is a bit of a hope and see job. Some work very well I hear !

    You need to track down that mint LPP TV 16mm print thats out there with your name on.

    Best Mark.


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      Yes, this print is a non LPP Eastman stock. As I said, it looks much better in person. The only thing that couldn't be ressurrected was the perfect blacks. This was a print, however, that was very hit or miss to begin with. It appears that all the footage that was shot specifically for this film, had very good color, but when it comes to the stock footage of the animals being, well, animals, the master material of that footage had marginal color to begin with.
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        So pleased for you Osi. Been a long haul


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          If your print has better color than shown in the video, it will be extremely watchable, as the video itself isn't too bad (reminds me of when something has been standards converted from NTSC to PAL for showing on UK TV).

          Just get the soundtrack sorted and you'll have a terrific feature.


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            I agree with Gary. Looks ok to me!


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              I just watched it for the first time in the cell phone here, and I am actually surprised as to how sharp the image actually is. One thing I tried experimenting with, was if I can get that "video wave" out of the image by adjusting the speed as it projected, while watching the image on the flip camera, but I wasn't successful, unfortunately.


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                I tried to video it on the oven door, well, it is a pure white, but I gave me a terrible glare, being shiny, so I had to go with a white plastic background, and you can see the "grooves" in the plastic in the video


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                  Just watched again on the cell phone, waiting in line in my car, and I was struck as to how good that mono track from the German VHS release sounds. Man! What I wouldn't give to get a VHS cassette of this release from Germany! The YouTube video was taken down pretty quick. I'd love to see someone put up the whole movie from the German release version, as, even in those scant 7 minutes, there was a good deal of different footage.