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Question about Sankyo Dualux 1000 H variable speed

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  • Question about Sankyo Dualux 1000 H variable speed


    I am eyeing a Sankyo Dualux 1000 H on eBay but am concerned about the variable speed feature. I need a projector that will allow me to know exactly what frame rate I'm playing the film at. Most of the time that is 18fps. Is that achievable on this model? For example, by having the knob dialed in the middle, I know that it will play at 18fps? If it's dialed all the way to the right, would that be 24, or faster?


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    The Sankyo Dualux 1000-H is supposed to run between 14 and 22 fps. However, there is no indication of the actual speed.
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      Short answer - nope.

      While being overall decent machine, this projector was NOT designed to have exact speed in the first place. Even its rated speed of 14-22 fps would be wildly different in actual use. It's meant to project silent film where the speed variation wouldn't be the major issue anyway.

      The only silent projector with EXACT speed control/regulation would be the model with external-sync (to tape recorder) function. My Elmp GP-E Deluxe, for example, does have external sync pulse input socket which when activated, will "listen" to the external control pulse. Once received such pulse it will start the projector, and maintain its speed exactly to that pulse throughout the entire reel.


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        The Elmo FP8-C I have, with a variable speed control, does seem to vary in speed when projecting. I have found the location on the dial which matches the closet to 18 fps. The Eumig Mark M Super 8 machine, which uses 18 and 24 fps, stays at the proper speed throughout a 7" reel. I much prefer that set-up.