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Elmo ST-800 pinch roller(s) and belts

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  • Elmo ST-800 pinch roller(s) and belts

    Working on my 16mm projectors has reminded me that the Elmo ST-800 that I have has never been seriously serviced since I've owned it. I haven't used mine in quite a while, and expect that when I look it over, I'm going to find sadness. Does someone have a list of the sizes for the belts it uses? If not, I will measure mine, and try to find a good cheap source of them. I did that for the 18-5 series, and bought a multi-lifetime supply of belts from mcmaster-carr for less than the cost of three belts from eBay.

    I'm also wondering if others have had problems with the pinch rollers going bad the way the ones in the 16mm Elmo projectors will do. Does anyone know of a source for replacements of these rollers if they are needed?

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    I finally got to the ST-800. The main drive belt is 3.5MM square section. 62mm inner diameter, 69mm outer diameter. my supplier for such things, mcmaster-carr, doesn't show any metric square profile o-rings the large, but Dash 229 or Dash 230 are pretty close, the 229 being a tiny bit smaller (59.93MM), and the 230 being slightly larger 63mm. I have a spare that is new, and the original is still in good shape, but I figured this should be posted for posterity. Cost is $10-$12 for 25 of them.

    Not sure about the V belt yet, but mine is in good shape, so no need to deal with that yet. If I get to it, I'll remove the belt and measure for posterity.

    I spoke with Larry Urbankski today, and he said that he has never had a problem with the rollers on the elmo super 8mm machines, so I guess no need to worry about them.