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Rear Spool on ST600 twin track running slow or stopping

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  • Rear Spool on ST600 twin track running slow or stopping

    Hi Everyone - advise needed please - My Elmo St600 twin track take up reel has started slowing down and stopping mid way through a 600ft reel - the belt seems to be fine - could it be a slipped gear and how could I rectify the problem ?


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    Hello! it may just be a problem of old and dried fat


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      Hi i had issues on my ST1200 slowing down and stopping on rewind it was a washer on the arm that had disintegrated with age i made a new one out of leather using a hole punch and that solved it not sure if that is the reason for you issue but when i took the back of the projector off it was pretty easy to find and replace.


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        I've taken the rear arm apart and re greased the inter locking spindles but the small nut on the rear take up arm which holds the coiled spring in place will not move as ive tried to unscrew this - at the moment the rear take up stops with around 60% of a full 600ft - so not ideal - any body else got any ideas or solutions??


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          I read in an old thread discussing the ST800 that if you are not using the original elmo reel, the smaller hub of some reels can cause problems. I have the elmo reel, but have not done much experimenting with it yet to see what works and what does not. I don't really understand why it would matter how big the inside diameter of the reel is to its ability to rewind properly.

          Here is a link to that thread where Steve Klare was explaining this issue:;f=1;t=008567