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Did Derann loan out films?

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  • Did Derann loan out films?

    I found this film of Psycho Click image for larger version

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ID:	57172 on ebay in 8mm standard format this is what was the label said on the side of the box.

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    Yes Derann started out as a film library hiring out films. Ged has just posted one of their last hire catalogues on the Derann Vaults Facebook page. Then they had optical prints for hire too.


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      Derann also had a 16mm film library.


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        I think Derek said Psycho was one of their first titles they rented and it was a big lender. Prints also disappeared in the post on return and they had to get replacement copies. 😳


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          I remember reading many moons ago that Derek was advised not to start a film hire company as some people would keep the prints and not return them. Apparently this sadly proved to be true, but being the tenacious guy we all knew and loved, he didn't give up and the rest is history.

          In the early 90's, with a wealth of new and contemporary releases ongoing, the hire library appeared once again. The great news was that most of the "big" titles were available to hire for a week at a time.

          I hired "Alien" for a week in the summer of 1992 and later that year, "Die Hard" over Christmas. Exciting times as I was a student back then and could no way imagine affording to buy them. And super 'scope prints that shook the floor with booming stereo.

          I recall that the "new" hire scheme only lasted a few years or so before the prints were sold off at Blackpool.

          Happy days while it lasted though...