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Instant Movie Film Projector 8mm and super 8

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  • Instant Movie Film Projector 8mm and super 8

    Is there anyone whose has knowledge of these I have bought several cartridge's over the years only to break open the cassettes and put them on reels I see there were small projectors for these in super 8 and 8mm the 800 series seem to play 8mm and the 580 plays super 8 then there's the 510 which I've seen listed as playing both but am thinking that the sellers dont know much about them most of these play 200ft titles, then there were bigger cassettes that played 400ft titles which i believe was the 1300 units which one does not see much. And odes anyone know what kind of bulbs these took?

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    Saying Instant Movie cartridges could mean the Polaroid camera ones (the only ones marketed as instant movies) could cause confusion as I assume you really mean the Kodak/B&H cartridge loading system that was tried to make Super 8 seem as easy as the Compact cassette was for audio.

    There was a Bolex 18/9 that played those 50ft, 200ft and 400ft cartridges, that took the normal 12v 100w A1/231 lamp.

    Then again there was the Technicolor system (silent and sound) that took different cartridges (endless loops) the small silent one had a differnt lamp, I don't know about the sound version.


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      Here are some details of the Bolex 18/9. An interesting item.
      Bolex 18-9 Duo Super 8 + 8mm movie projector – New Wave Pool

      And, here is the Technicolor projector.
      "Magi-Cartridge" Projector and film demonstration 1960s Gadget - YouTube