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  • Bolex Lens Question

    I have a Bolex lens in one of my Eumig 810 projectors. I was wondering what people think of the Bolex hi-fi 1:1.2 lens? How does this compare to the 1.2 lens Eumig that were found in some of the Eumig 810 Lux projectors?

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    I always thought they were the same lens,just different cosmetics. The Eumig f1.2 is better than the standard f1.3 Eumig lens. Plus its brighter,and a bigger picture at the wide angle end.


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      Well they were manufactured by the same company towards the end of production, so I would assume they were the same.


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        Oh okay, Awesome. Thanks for the insight Brian and David. I had seen on the inside of the barrel it said Made In Austria


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          I believe Eumig took over Bolex around 1970. The original Bolex lenses, as supplied on many projectors, in the 50's and through the 60's were manufactured in Switzerland by Bolex. I have found some of those later Eumig made lenses to be a little less superior to the original lenses manufactured by Bolex. One example are the original lenses supplied on the first 18-5, and then the 18-5 Super 8 projectors. Those first lenses were all metal construction with well made glass lenses. Later Bolex fitted some of the 18-5L Super's with plastic lenses and quality dropped slightly. Last year I purchased a minty Bolex 18-5L Super from 1970 and it was fitted with a plastic Bolex "hifi" zoom that was not very focus friendly or as sharp. I took that off and fitted it with an all-metal Bolex prime lens from an earlier 18-5 Super, and it was night and day.


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            from 1973 to the end of eumig in 1985 everything 8mm from bolex was made by eumig, the 16mm machines were still "real"bolex