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    I saw previously that Derann released a range of the Carry On films which a member kindly listed on another thread on the Forum.

    What Carry On films were released by other distributors and in what format ?

    The ones ive found so far are Walton (Carry on Cleo and Thats Carry On 1 x 400) and Iver Film Services (Carry On Emmanuelle 2 x 400ft). Any help on a lits of whet else came out would be great


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    I'm sure Collectors Club/Collectors Films put out a (possibly B&W only) extract from one Carry on Doctor possible. I also think that either PM Films of Powell Films issued "Don't lose Your Head". If I have time to check I'll confirm.


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      That's Carry On were released by Walton on 200ft, I think three different extracts. Carry On Cleo was also on 4x400 as well as the 400 ft. PM released a 600ft of Up the Kyber. Carry on Doctor was released as a 4x400 b/w by Powell films,Mark.


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        I have two Waltons:-
        F729 - Cleo (4 x 400')
        A922 - That's Carry On (Part 1 - 200') with Doctor, Cruising & Cowboy



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          We have the 600ft carry on up the kyber, the three walton 200 footers joined as thats carry on as well as part one of the derann feature of thats carry on, carry on cleo 4x400, carry on abroad from Derann. We did have dont lose your head but like many of this titke it had lost its colour which was sad as this was and is one of our favourites.


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            Hello John. Mr Collectors Club here

            Yes indeed COLLECTORS CLUB (UK) did release CARRY ON DOCTOR 4 X 400ft sound B&W. It was released in 1978 towards Christmas where I splashed out about £39 think it was on a new print. I still have it and it gets a fairly regular screening.

            Quality wise CC were variable but as I've always said they were very much bargain basement priced and sold with that in mind largely in sale magazines like Exchange & Mart over here.

            Click image for larger version

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              Carry On Dick
              CEC, CO0902, 3x600ft col snd

              Carry On England
              CEC, CO903, 3x600ft col snd

              Carry On Henry
              CEC, CO904, 3x600ft col snd

              Carry On - Don't Lose Your Head
              Powell, 4x or 5x400 ft col snd
              Powell, 4x400ft bw snd
              Powell, 400ft col snd
              Powell, 400ft bw snd


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                Several years ago, I provided list of Carry On films on Super 8 for the memorabilia section of a Carry On website, and I found this on the old forum. It may have been this that John saw, but I may as well add the whole list as a resource here, along with one or two additions from others in that thread, plus 'Doctor' added here. Regarding Eberhard's additions above, a full length 'Don't Lose Your Head' is new to me. However, although I'm aware that CEC announced full length Carry On titles, I've never seen any evidence that they proceeded with any of these releases, so I'd be very interested to know if Eberhard, Barry Attwood (who would almost certainly know) or anyone has ever seen a print of any of these. All the full length Derann releases were from around 1983 onwards, so at least most prints should be low fade.

                CARRY ON ABROAD 4 x 400' + two 1 x 400' extracts "1 & 2" (Derann)
                CARRY ON AGAIN DOCTOR 3 x 600' full length (Derann)
                CARRY ON AT YOUR CONVENIENCE 3 x 600' full length (Derann)
                CARRY ON BEHIND 3 x 600' full length - (Derann)
                CARRY ON CAMPING 4 x 400' + two 1 x 400' extracts "1 & 2" (Derann)
                CARRY ON CLEO 4 x 400' + 1 x 400' (Walton)
                CARRY ON CRUISING 5 x 400' full length (DCR)
                CARRY ON DOCTOR 4 x 400' b/w (Collectors Club)
                CARRY ON DON'T LOSE YOUR HEAD 4 x 400' + 1 x 400' (Powell)
                CARRY ON EMMANUELLE 2 x 400' + 50' theatrical trailer (Iver)
                CARRY ON FOLLOW THAT CAMEL 3 x 600' full length (Derann) - ultra rare, possibly only 6 prints
                CARRY ON GIRLS 3 x 600' full length (Derann)
                CARRY ON LOVING 3 x 600' full length (Derann)
                CARRY ON MATRON 1 x 400' (Derann)
                CARRY ON SCREAMING 3 x 600' full length (Derann)
                CARRY ON SERGEANT 3 x 600' full length (Derann)
                CARRY ON UP THE JUNGLE 4 x 400' + 1 x 400' (Derann)
                CARRY ON UP THE KHYBER 3 x 600' full length (Derann) + 1 x 600' (PM)
                THAT'S CARRY ON 4 x 600' full length (Derann) + three 200' extracts "part 1/2/3" (Walton)
                CARRY ON TRAILER REEL 200' with CARRY ON REGARDLESS theatrical trailer + CARRY ON TEACHER teaser (Derann)
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                  Thanks Adrian thats great


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                    the data for the CEC releases must have come from a catalogue or something like that. I have stored those informations on my computer, but of course not where they came from. Indeed I've never seen an actual print of any CEC-"Carry on".
                    Same with a 5x400ft full-length version of "Don't Lose Your Head". It was announced by Powell, but the existence of prints is not confirmed. The abridged 4x400ft Powell edition is sure to exist.


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                      Carry on Sergeant would have been a very limited release, I believe, it was only advertised a couple of times. It was said to be on genuine B&W stock, but Ged says he has no recollection of sounding prints of this.