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ELMO ST-180E Sound Issues

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  • ELMO ST-180E Sound Issues

    Hi Everyone, first time posting.
    I got an ELMO ST-180E. It's in very good condition, except when I play the Laurel and Hardy movie supplied, the sound cuts out and is staticky. There is no static when I turn the volume control. I guess it could be the film, but I'm wondering if it's the projector. It's magnetic so should I clean the sound head? If so, with what? Maybe the forum has other suggestions? Thanks. Sorry for being so wordy, I'm new to Super 8.

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    Welcome to the forum Tom! 😀 Do you have another film to compare to? I have a Laurel and Hardy sound film that cuts out because a previous owner probably inadvertently erased some of the soundtrack. Static could be caused by the projector but until you run another film for comparison I wouldn't do anything.


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      Good Morning Tom and Janice,

      I wonder if maybe Tom's volume control has some kind of oxide buildup on the slider.

      You may make some progress if you unplug the machine and repeatedly click the audio "on" and then run the volume control up and down, Then click it off and repeat this sequence maybe 10 times (FEEL the burn!). This way you take a shot at the crud on the power switch built into the knob too.

      There are spray cleaners to do this, but why not try the free version before you take it to another level?

      These machines hate idleness (many machines do, really). Often when you buy one it has been up on a shelf for twenty or thirty years and you get this kind of thing.
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        As previously mentioned you need to get hold of another verified good print and check that, if it is ok your Laurel & Hardy is at fault. I did have a copy of the 400’ version of The Dirty Dozen with just such a fault. Steve may be also correct. But when I first purchased an Elmo ST180m from Derann it had a sound fault which sounded like static through all my prints, it drove me crackers so I returned it to Derann who replaced it and the replacement has been going ever since. I do wonder if it could have been a dry solder joint. Best of luck with your projector, hope you sort it out and happy screenings.


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          Thank you all for the great suggestions. I will check the volume control knob and I will also get another print to verify. You guys are great. Thanks again.