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Advice please To Keep or to Sale ?

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  • Advice please To Keep or to Sale ?

    Yesterday I went to a local street sale, and on the ground down the road I could see a Sankyo box, the front of the box was covered by the lid flap so it was impossible to see exactly what model it was from a distance. After removing the top polystyrene packaging tray my jaw hit the floor.

    The two friends that were with me, both said that they had never seen somebody purchase an item so quickly in all of there lives, as I could not get the money out of my wallet quick enough. After returning home my initial thoughts of what I had purchased were true.

    This is a brand new unused Sankyo 702 projector! It is complete with box and all of the original accessories still sealed in their bags, even the power cord is sealed. The projector is in its factory sealed bag with the Sankyo tag attached to the handle.
    Before I powered it up, I removed the rear cover to make sure that nothing was seized and the belts were in intact. the inside looks and smells so new, it's funny that you forget this new electrical mechanical smell as nothing produced today has it. ( A true blast from the past )
    After running a reel of film through it I had forgotten how smooth and quiet a new projector runs giving with a rock steady picture, back in the 80s I owned a 301 that never let me down and was a true workhorse.

    My question to you is what would you do in my shoes?

    Do I sell it, and if so what is it's value ? As there cannot be to many of them in the world in this condition, or do I store it away and keep it for a rainy day when all of the others machines I own have failed.

    I would be interested in your thoughts.


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    Congratulations on a rare find these days, Steve. Worn projectors are one of our major obstacles and you've found a way around it.

    I have one machine that arrived in unused condition about 5 years ago. Since it suits my needs I'm going to hold onto it like grim death! I figure in the long term this could be my last operable machine and will keep me in the film business maybe for decades. Since it arrived unworn, I can do my best to keep it that way too.

    If it didn't suit my needs, for example if it was silent or low bulb wattage or had a bad long term reputation, I'd be a lot more tempted to move it along.

    The question for you is how well does this Sankyo work as your projector?

    BTW: I have never seen a movie projector for sale in any kind of public sale here. I think most people have the idea they won't sell and they go out to the curb next garbage day. (I spied a "projector" at the curb once: turned out to be a sewing machine!)


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      Great find! I have two Sankyo’s, a 502 and a 762. Those were obviously used and I bought them for around $130USD each (probably a bit too much, but whatever…I like them). Something “new in box”, even though you actually did open it, would likely fetch much more. Having said that, rubber belts, oil and grease may have degraded over the years. Electrolytic capacitors may have dried out a bit too. You seem to be a fan of Sankyo’s so I’m guessing you’ll want to keep it. I wouldn’t blame you one bit!

      If you were in the USA I might be interested in purchasing it, but the voltage/frequency difference is obviously a problem.

      Aside from a noisy amplifier, my 762 is great. The seller “serviced” it and it runs like new. The lens is a bit “foggy”, but that another issue. I haven’t really used the 502. It needs a new bulb and the speed switch is fussy with 24FPS.


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        Only sell it if you need the money. Otherwise, keep it.
        Perhaps it may outlive your other projectors.
        They are first class. I have a lot of them.


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          Originally posted by Maurice Leakey View Post
          They are first class. I have a lot of them.
          I only have two at the moment, and I want more. Not sure why, but there’s just “something” about them I really like. 🤷‍♂️


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            My 301 keeps on going with no problems (OK a lamp base burnt out with age, but that's all). I agree with Maurice.


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              Keep it. Finding decent projectors, brand new, out of box, these days, is getting harder and harder!


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                Originally posted by Osi Osgood View Post
                Keep it. Finding decent projectors, brand new, out of box, these days, is getting harder and harder!

                Steve - That says it all. Basically, it will / should guarantee you a working projector for possibly the rest of your life !


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                  The 702 is an advanced model in the Sankyo range. 150watt (15volt) lamp, tone control, VU meter, twin track and more.
                  Here is one on UK eBay for £289.
                  Sankyo Sound Magnetic twin track 702 super 8 projector 110-220V made in Japan | eBay


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                    Thank you all so much on your thoughts on this subject, Steve's question back to me is quite thought provoking, as it effects nearly everyone on this forum.
                    We all share the same love and passion for the hobby of collecting and showing films in our homes, and this is what bonds us together. Unfortunately our hobby is totally reliant on machines that left the factory floor forty plus years ago. I think it's quite safe to say that none of us and the projectors are getting any younger.

                    Because we are dealing with film which requires precision engineering, just any old thing won't do the job. otherwise I'm sure we could all club together and have something knock up in China, but this would never make the grade. I also don't see anyone coming to the rescue by producing a new machine now or in the future that would ever be affordable, so we are stuck with what exists from the past for the hobby's future.

                    Another thing is, with the more and more crazy prices that film prints are now selling for what becomes of these in the future? If there is no machines to show them on. Does this mean that any new old stock machines become worth their weight in gold in years to come.

                    I think we can all agree that none of us are ever going to walk into a camera shop now ( if any of these exist today ) and see an array of new sealed Beaulieu / Elmo / Eumig boxes and say I'll have that one please, this would just be a total fantasy.
                    So to answer your question Steve, it comes down to the old saying of "beggars can't be choosers". Yes I would be happy with the Sankyo for my needs if it is one of the last ones standing or running in this case.


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                      Well done! You should keep it.


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                        Good machines are such a critical thing. Good prints have been, are, and will be expensive. Why take something that is expensive, rare and vulnerable and run it it through a meat grinder?

                        Would you park a mint-condition classic car in a a garage with rotten beams?


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                          I'd keep it. Such a find is so extraordinary that I'd convince myself that it was a kind twist of fate, because I would be an appreciative owner. You clearly have other projectors, so why not sell one of them instead!


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                            I have had my 702 since November 2007. I got it for nothing as the owner said it continuously burnt out its lamps.

                            It transpired that it had an instruction book for the 700 which states that the lamp is 100 watts at 12 volts. Of course, being a 702 it uses a 150 watts lamp at 15 volts. (EFR - A1/232).

                            It has run beautifully for all these years, only this year did it need its lamp holder being replaced.


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                              Steve, I have to agree with our fellow members. This is a projector that is designed to be very kind to the print, has exceptional sound capabilities , is lightweight and produces a very steady and bright image. 150 watt lamp too! Only better model by Sankyo was the Stereo 800! Yours is a winner!