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Documentary of a German Super 8 convention 1994

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  • Documentary of a German Super 8 convention 1994

    Retro: The "cinema makers" S8 collector's documentary 1994

    with English subtitles

    Observations at the Super 8 collectors' annual meeting of the Lumière Filmclub 1994.

    1994... the video cassette has long since become the media standard in the living room at home, the heyday of the Super 8 film print was more than ten years ago. For high-quality large-scale projections, however, Super 8 was still the medium of choice at that time, as the image resolution was miles above the level of VHS. And so cinema enthusiasts came together under the umbrella of the Lumière Filmclub to make "cinema at home" with high-priced complete versions on Super 8 of everything from classics to current titles - the "cinema makers". Club members Karl-Hugo Leonhardt, Klaus Treibholz and Andreas Chmielewski portrayed the 1994 club meeting in Alsfeld on 16mm and produced from it a well-edited and charmingly commented insight into the German Super 8 collector scene in the mid-90s.

    off2 would like to thank Mario Gärtner, the specialist for Elmo projectors and film digitisation, for the excellent digitisation. Visit his website at .

    off2 would also like to thank Andreas Chmielewski for kindly providing the film material. Visit his website at .

    off2 presents videos around #Super8. #Narrow film for home cinema from the 1970s-1980s with that unmistakable retro charm.

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    Thanks Joachim that was most interesting. The Fumeo projector with a 500 watt Xenon is impressive


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      It certainly is. There was one at Blackpool in 2017 for the after meal show on the Friday.