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How to attenuate speaker signal?

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  • How to attenuate speaker signal?

    My projectors have an external speaker jack (8 ohm) but never a line out. Isn't there something I can put between the speaker output jack and the line level input on a recorder? Or would it suffice just to keep the volume down low on the projector?

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    I once bought this passive audio mixer attenuator intended to interconnect from line out source to camera's microphone input. Works just fine.
    Later I tried using this to attenuate projector's speaker output down to line level for an audio recorder. Although not designed for this application, but it kinda works also.


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      This might do what you want.
      NEW Speaker to 2 RCA Line Output Converter IN / OUT High / Low 685650068053 | eBay


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        I run my projector audio through an external audio system. I got a Kodak pageant and it doesn't have line level out, so I had this exact problem.

        Line-Out from Speaker Level

        If you are inclined to do-it yourself, it's actually pretty easy!


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          Steve, that does look dead simple. Simpler still for me, since I am working only with unbalanced inputs, and mono at that. Stealing the design from your Elmo, damn clever.

          Maurice, that looks like exactly the right device, and at that price I have little to lose.


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            It's just a voltage divider like I learned in 9th grade electronics.

            I could have done the same thing with an operational amplifier, but that would have been like cutting my steak with a laser! (Stick with the knife and fork: much less to go wrong!)