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  • In Memoriam - Lenny Lipton

    Although best known for his groundbreaking work in 3D technologies (over 70 patents) and also for writing the lyrics to Puff the Magic Dragon, I will always think first of Lenny Lipton's classic books Independent Filmmaking and The Super 8 Book. I was a 12 year old who enjoyed fooling around with 8mm movie cameras when I checked Independent Filmmaking out of the local library. It opened up the world of film production to me, not just the technical aspects but also how to get your film made and shown. His writing style was always entertaining and inspiring, even when walking the reader through fairly complex material.

    The Super 8 Book was the first book I came across that treated the small gauge format as a professional movie stock that can be used with high end equipment. Aside from cameras & projectors, it covered sound, processing, editing, striping, and working with labs to make prints.​

    His books and articles in Super 8 Filmaker magazine definitely steered me to turning my hobby into my career. Thank you, Mr. Lipton.

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    When I was maybe 17 years old I bought his The Super-8 Book. This was back in the day when you could find such things at the Barnes and Noble in an ordinary shopping mall: nothing Vintage about it. This was the advanced course in Super-8 filmmaking: second-system sound, striping, fullcoat recorders, sync blocks. This was huge stuff for some high-school kid who was making silent films and bringing the exposed cartridges to Foto-Mat on his bike! (-same bike I bring to CineSea now to ride on the boardwalk!)

    There were reviews of a great many projectors we still talk about here today. Top of the heap was the Elmo ST-1200HD. (There was no GS just yet.)

    In Senior English I did a paper and a talk on small gauge filmmaking: I'll give you any odds Lenny Lipton was prominent in my footnotes!

    These days The Super-8 Book​ is kind of a sentimental look back: all sorts of film companies long out of business and things like long-extinct film stocks like Kodak's 400ASA B&W cartridge film. I read it again a few years ago and said to myself "If only...!".


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      I have The Super 8 Book as well. A great read and extremely valuable resource, even today.


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        I can recommend it.
        The super 8 book book by Lenny Lipton (