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Yashica Super 800 Electro Question

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  • Yashica Super 800 Electro Question


    I hope my wonderful friends here are having a lovely Christmas season.

    I'm writing today because I recently found a lovely Yashica Super 800 Electro film camera at the Goodwill for very cheap. At first glance, it seemed in very nice condition and after a little cleaning looks brand new! If only that were the case after I put batteries inside.

    After placing batteries inside, it seems like all the electronic applications like the red END light indicator for finished reels works as well as the zoom.
    Sadly, the trigger to activate the film motor doesn't appear to work.

    Is there anything I can do to test the machine to get the motor working or is there a way to fix it?

    Thank you all for any feedback!


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    There was a lot of battery acid build-up in the handles battery compartment I had to clean before the batteries would start the zoom function. I wonder if that might be a reason?


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      I bought one of these cameras last year, and had the same issues. The battery compartment was extremely corroded. I tried cleaning it the best I could, but never got the motor or the auto exposure to work. I had planned to shoot some current Ektachrome color reversal but never got the chance. I've since moved onto better cameras that work perfectly.