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  • Chinon 750 Foam

    Does anyone know where I can get replacement foam like this? I know it doesn't make any sense to try and fix this or repair this, but it's fun and I'd like to do a good job even though after I finish repairing this thing, it will probably sit in a closet for another ten years before being thrown away. :-)​

    Click image for larger version

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    I assume it is to secure the rear door from vibration.
    Perhaps any Hobby type of store could supply a similar piece cut to size.


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      Good idea (hobby store). Not sure what the original size is/was :-). I think you're right about the vibration.


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        Hi Philip, you could try a company/shop that does reupholstery, they use this kind of material.
        Good luck


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          Click on the attached and scroll down to the photographs, one pic shows the piece quite clearly. Perhaps you can assess the correct size of the replacement needed.
          I assume it's a model 7500 as there doesn't appear to be a 750.

          Spare part finder – Van Eck Video Services (


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            Interesting... Thanks for the link. Are you talking about this pic?
            Click image for larger version

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            That's kind of a weird shape. And you're right, it's a Chinon 7500 (not 750)!

            The other interesting thing I see is that the yellow-ish grease on the gears seems very similar to what i saw in my unit, but Lee Manering told me to clean all that off.... (​


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              Its position appears not quite right, and possibly a little squeezed, but it seems to show its size.
              Regarding the grease. This model was marketed in 1978 so it could be now over 40 years old, and perhaps the grease is original. Whilst it may look OK I suggest that you should adhere to Lee's comment.


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                Thanks Maurice!