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Info on Melbourne 8mm Club from 1970

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  • Info on Melbourne 8mm Club from 1970

    Hi everyone, Hoping someone can help me. We're trying to track down someone who may know something about a 8mm Film Club that was running in Melbourne, Aus, in 1970. We have a trophy here that was presented to a Mrs Phyllis Dowling for best actress in 1970 and we'd like to know more about her and the club it came from. Any help or leads appreciated.

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    Kylie - Welcome to the forum.

    The best person to contact would probably be our forum colleague Rodney Bourke who is also based in Melbourne, I believe. I am sure he could point you in the right direction.


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      Thanks Melvin for intro, Hi Kylie the First Amateur Cine Club in Australia was "Victorian Movie Makers" (VMM) in Fitzroy. They started in the 1920's on 9.5mm, and were probably the First Cine Club to own their own Brick Club Rooms & Cinema in the world. Then much later opening up to 16mm & 8mm. Sadly VMM no longer Exist and was sold around 2005.
      Since 9.5mm was the dominant Film Format in Australia until WW2, a breakaway Cine Club from VMM was formed call "Melbourne Eight mm Movie Club" (MEMC), and so was there Annual Film Festival called "The Moomba International Amateur Film Festival". The MEMC least land opposite East Camberwell Railway Station and built a Wooden Club Room & Cinema. Which also was next to the Lawn Bowls Club who had a huge car park. The “Australian Widescreen Association” met there too on different days. Sadly around 2000’s, developers came in and Demolished the Lawn Bowls Club, Building a Retirement Village and MEMC also, making a Park with Gazebo.

      I remember going to a Screening of “The Moomba International Amateur Film & Video Festival” in the 90’s at the City CBD & Camberwell Civic Centre and seeing the 10 best and 10 more the next night. They had over 200 Entries the competition was hard. Today the MEMC are known as MMMC or “Melbourne Movie Makers Club” they did have a link on the “Federation of Australian Movie Makers” (FAMM) web site, but that like the Moomba Festival closed down before COVID. The MMMC was meeting at a Church Hall in Deepdene, and on Zoom. There is a e-Magazine out 4 times a year called “Australian Movie Maker” by Gary Peterson which keeps all Cine/Video Clubs in contact of events in Australia and the World. More details contact