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Super 8 show in London’s West End!!

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  • Super 8 show in London’s West End!!

    Saturday 28th January 2023 at the King & Queen Pub, 1 Foley St,Fitzrovia, London, W1

    7pm until 9pm JP

    World Wide Weird All Day Film Festival

    Only 2 weeks to go with a full Super 8mm reel film 2 hour programme inc grindhouse style trailers,shorts and super rare screenings of the following 30 minute condensed versions :

    Redneck AKA Mosquito starring Telly Savalas,Franco Nero & Mark ‘Oliver’ Lester.

    Rarely screened these days controversal mega violent Italian Poliziotteschi thriller made in 1973....believe you me Savalas & Nero are both off the scale in this!! 🤣

    Tintorrea AKA Bloody Waters starring Hugo Stilglitz,Susan George & Fiona Lewis.

    A sexy Mexican ‘Jaws’ rip off which made more money than its source in Mexico!!

    Quentin Tarantino has his own personal 35mm print!

    The Island 1980 starring Micheal Caine.

    Bloody thirsty movie adaptation of Peter ‘Jaws’ Benchley smash hit novel, sadly the film was a major flop which Michael Caine refuses to discuss to this very day.

    Not many people know that 🤣

    We are also screening a rare ‘blaxploitation’ short starring Pam Grier!!

    Super 8mm show only 7pm until 9pm

    See you all there!!​
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    Great program!