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    I have been reading some articles on Walton super 8 films. I'm very surprised to see that almost everything they released was abridged except for a few titles. Their demise appeared to be very quick.
    I was wondering if there was a final catalogue or listing they put out with all of their releases that were available at that time.
    I only ask I see some titles like Emily and a 200ft version of The Muppet among others.

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    A 1969 Walton catalogue.
    bb7b0e.pdf (


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      Walton Films - Super 8 Katalog No. 29 1979/80


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        Thank you


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          I've heard that they prepared catalogue 30 but it never appeared. However, there was an illustrated 4 page leaflet, almost certainly 1980, that had several new/recent releases not in 29. The remarkable thing about Walton is that for most of their history, they appear to have rarely produced releases linked to films that had recently appeared, but close to the end, there was a radical change of policy. This period may have only lasted around a year, but without it, there would have been hardly any Walton digests of films released after the early 1970s.

          There was a 400' release of The Muppet Movie, with different content, before the 200'.