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Rare toy projector titles?

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  • Rare toy projector titles?


    Do you still remember the various toys that allowed viewing (or even projecting) Super8-films? This is one of them:
    It got sold under various different brand names and was still in production in the 1990s!
    I have got one of those - with a film made for the „750 years Berlin“-celebration in 1987. The remaining stock got sold in various souvenir shops here in Berlin as late as 2000. Nevertheless, this special 750years film is now hard to find. But this isn’t the only „rare“ title as these viewers sometimes show up on eBay with advertising reels (aka „trailers“) for „Star Trek Generations“ and Pierce Brosnan as 007 (most likely „License to kill“, maybe even „Goldeneye“). I never bought them as the seller asked at least 200€. So: how rare are these films? And are there more advertising reels for films shot in the 1980s/1990s? Anyone tried to play them at 24fps on a real projector? (The viewer’s 18fps only.)

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    This video claims that the viewer was still in production in 2005:


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      Hi Joerg,
      I have the Take That viewer as shown at the end of the video, that I picked up years ago in a charity shop. I think the viewer runs around 10 fps as there can only be about 1meter of film in one of these cassettes.
      As a child I had a Corgi toy movie projector that took the fisher price cartridges, then when I received my first proper projector I remember opening up the cartridges and running the film through this machine to find even at 18 fps the films ran twice as fast.
      I think with all of these toy projection items, that the films were all produced to allow for the maximum run time using the least amount of film buy halving the frame rate.
      Click image for larger version

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        Fascinating that one of the 80's TV shows that were in these cassettes, was the "Thundercats"!


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          It was discussed in the old forum that indeed the film was still made in 2000s as part of key-chains.


          The reel inside include film from Terminator 2 and Batman Returns. So either Derann or Andec who printed them.