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  • Sanyo SHV 3200

    Just about to start on a Sanyo SHV3200 Briefcase Projector, checking and renovating as needed. Looks very clean.......but don't have a User Manual. Can anyone help with User and/or Service manual for this model? Or a
    Download link?

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    It's a very rare item.
    I couldn't find your exact model. Would the item below be of any use?
    SANYO SHV-2000 Service Manual - PDF File Download (
    Sanyo SHV 3200 Briefcase Sound 8mm Cine Projector | #466793952 (​​​
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      Thank you Maurice....saw that. Similar.....but model 2000 not 3200. I think the 2000 is dual gauge and the 3200 single, but not sure (may be other way round!).
      If I can't find a User Manual I'll try both gauges and see what happens. Can get the 2000 Service Manual if need be and work out the differences as I go. Thanks.


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        I once had this suitcase Sanyo projector (forgot the model no., but the dual gauges one). While very unique but I would not recommend running any precious prints through this, as the film path is very inaccessible. If you need to unthread the film mid-run it is simply impossible - no way to get around that.

        A good display/conversation starter item however.


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          Yes, I concur with that- obviousy a self threading machine with a well hidden film path. The Eumig 200 and 3000 machines were very similar with a different presentation.....they had a similar problem.
          I love a challenge......and I've plenty of old stock in both gauges that I can sacrifice if need be.