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  • Help identifying equipment

    As I bought a T 610 from the someone who inherited the storage locker of his grandfather, he showed me pics of more equipment in the locker.

    please help with the identification of the equipment and its value.

    set 1:

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    Set 2:


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      You can go to eBay, search for an item and select „sold items“ as filter. This will give you an idea about the value. But please be aware that there are also some shops on eBay that give a warranty and hence can sell for higher prices.
      Set 1:
      First item is a Nizo Super8-camera. There should be a label somewhere on the camera with the exact model, e.g. „Nizo Professional“ or „Nizo 561“.
      The second item is most likely something video-related. No clue.
      The third item is another Super8-camera, a „Nizo 3056“.

      Set 2:
      The first two items are most likely striping devices (to add magnetic soundtracks to unstriped Super8-films or maybe Normal8-films).
      No clue about the third item. Given the text, it is most likely an automatic advance system for slide-projectors in sync to music from an Uher reel-to-reel audio recorder.


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        Set 2
        5. Screen system for telecine. Project into the screen and put the video camera up to the lens to record from the film.
        6. Editor/viewer.
        7. Portable reel to reel tape recorder. Possibly used to record sound for sound filming, or as suggested play back for slide show.
        8. Box for editor viewer (could contain another)
        9. Portable reel-reel tape recorder as above
        10. Colour enlarger for printing from 2/14 in square negatives.
        11. CRT TV monitor possibly to check output from video camera when doing telecine work with object 5
        12. Editor/viewer.


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          Hi Martin.
          In set 1 photos 12,13,14 and 15 are of a transparency to photo enlarger for producing photos on photographic paper from slides. photos 8 ,9 and 11 are of the colour correction unit for the transparency to photo enlarger.
          Out of everything I would say that the Uher 4200 reel to reel has the most value, if it is working. About 500 -600$.


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            Thanks, it looks like mix of 8mm stuff and dark room equipment. The cosmetic condition is A+, but I have no way of testing them before buying.

            I will see what price can be negotiated