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A 23 year search FINALLY ENDS

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  • A 23 year search FINALLY ENDS

    Found this beautiful Ciro Guillotine Catazzo splicer for super 8

    Uses 16mm tape to cover 4 super 8 frames makes a stronger longer lasting splice

    Peel tape and punch the first side

    Flip the film over

    Peel tape and punch the 2nd side

    This is not one of those kind where you bend the tape over to the other side.

    The really strange thing about this find is it came from Cotuit Massachusetts Which was about 12 miles from where I used to live on Cape Cod and here I am 1400 miles away near Tampa Florida!

    This subject is posted here even though it's about equipment because it's not for sale or trade
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    Last edited by Chip Gelmini; April 17, 2020, 07:24 PM.

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    A great find. Very rare. Much better than the "little" Super 8 CIR joiners.



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      With respect, Chip, when I read the title of your thread, I was expecting / hoping it might have been written by Osi Osgood giving us some good news about a "Grizzly" film !!!!! Alas!

      (Very nice find, though. Well done!)


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        While I did pay a lot of money for this one several hundred dollars I can't believe how much money people are asking for those little splicers that you refer to prices for those are outrageous.....