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Update to previous Ritter Media Germany repair of my Beaulieu 708 HTI

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  • Update to previous Ritter Media Germany repair of my Beaulieu 708 HTI

    This was the previous post on the old forum.;f=1;t=011847

    In 2017 I sent my Beaulieu 708 HTI Super 8 Stereo High Power Lamp projector to Ritter media for a tune up.

    The machine was returned with damage due to shipping/insufficient packing and the original owner of Ritter Media refused to accept responsibility. After numerous emails after the fact Ritter stopped responding. Occasionally I would send an email out of the blue and re-iterate my request for a complete refund of the payment I made to help offset the cost of the 2nd repair which was performed brilliantly by Bjorn Andersson of Beaulieu Sweden. And as I expected -no reply.

    Fast forward to April 2019 and I received a reply from the new owner Achim Marx. He informed me that he closed down Ritter Media at the end of 2019 but would like to reimburse me for the original amount paid which he has done. They are continuing to service equipment however and the details can be found on the original Ritter Website.

    I just wanted to give a happy update to this unfortunate incident. Yes it was a long time coming and I did not expect it. Mr. Achim Marx's generous gesture after such a long time was very much appreciated in this difficult time.

    "Wait long enough, and people will surprise and impress you."

    Randy Pausch

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    I remember your original posts. Happy to hear it ended well.


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      What a wonderful update! Happy to hear that Alan!


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        Happy story END Alan, I am glad to ear that too !