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Starting the first thread. My Bolex Projectors!

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  • Starting the first thread. My Bolex Projectors!

    So thought I would start the first thread here at the new forum. What a better way to do that than show a few photos of my Bolex 18-5L Super, and the 18-5 regular 8 version. Both projectors work flawlessly. My favorite is the "minty" 18-5L Super. Fitted with the EFN halogen and Bolex "hifi" prime lens. On a side note there's a sticker on my 18-5L that says McCurry's. You can see it on the lamp housing. I had purchased the projector from a gentleman in California. I'm wondering if this was an electronics equipment store in the old days? Okay I think that's good for now. The new site looks great guys!
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    Nicely done! Congratulations on starting the first thread.



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      Here's a few more photos of the Bolex 18-5L Super with the proper Bolex take up reel. I would say it looks better with the proper gear!
      Click image for larger version

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        Great pictures Shane! The 18-5's are beautiful looking machines.


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          Great projector: and it looks like right out of the box!!!!


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            Originally posted by Maurizio Di Cintio View Post
            Great projector: and it looks like right out of the box!!!!
            Yeah it really does look that good in person! It took me awhile to find the right one, as I'm picky, but this one came along, and I snatched it up! It's a pleasure to use and look at!


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              Hi Shane, I'm new and first time posting. I just dug out my old Bolex 18-5 Super. It's been sitting in a closet for the last 35 years. I have 80 reels of film and wanted to review before putting them on DVD.. The projector auto threaded the film flawlessly but that's were the fun ended. It will only function in the 5 fps mode. When switched into 18 fps mode the light stays on, the motor whirrs but it does not run the film. The shutter blades do not turn ( belts remain motionless) The rewind acts the same way, motor runs but film does not move. I removed the back plate to inspect. The belts look fine, the gears are still lubed and the lube feels just fine to the touch. All the springs are in place and tension is tight. There is no dirt, rust or corrosion. In fact it looks new. The only sign of age is the grey foam stuff in the back of the unit which has crumbled into mummy dust. -- With the back open I switched the unit on , first to 18 fps no light. There was no movement. I then switched to 18FPS w/light, same result. I then switched to 5 fps, no problems, light functioned, film advanced , quiet , minimal flicker... but 5 fps. I switched back to 18 fps and observed that the linkage rod moves the lever under the clutch assembly on the motor shaft to a forward position which disables it. So we have lights on but zero action. using my finger i depressed that lever backwards and the projector went back into 5 fps mode.. Nothing I did could make it run at 18fps. Reading some of the older posts about the Bolex and from my observation I see that the motor has one speed. Based on that I am assuming that it is a mechanical issue not an electrical circuit.. Your advice would be most welcome. Mickey


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                Hi Mickey, Boy you've got me on that one! To be honest I really don't know what would cause the projector to run at 5 fps but not at 18 fps. So when the selector is switched to 18 fps the motor does run? Could the 3 belts be so weak they won't spin the shutter, etc? Belts can sometimes look OK but if there's too much slack they won't run the transport properly. Any time I buy a projector the belts get replaced. I would start with buying some replacement belts on eBay. If the belts aren't the cause then at least you eliminated the possibility. Barry Fritz is maybe the guy to ask. I know he's had almost every model of Bolex 18-5 series machines. He's also had them a lot longer than I've owned mine. Hopefully we can get this figured out for you.


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                  Hi Mickey and welcome to the Forums. Looks like the Bolex 18-5 uses a variable speed shutter. Take a look at this information

                  It's possible that the shutter is stuck in the 9-blade configuration and not switching to the 3-blade for 18fps. I have several of these projectors...but I haven't had to do too much repair work on them. However...take a look at the shutter and let us know what your see.


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                    So if the motor is spinning in the 18 fps selection, then it must be the belt isn't driving the shutter, or some other mechanical issue? You might get more responses if you start a new thread with this issue highlighted.
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                      Thank you Janice and Shane. I'm going to try a few drops of penetrating oil on the clutch assembly ( being careful not to get a molecule of the stuff on the belts) As the belts drive the 9 blade shutter without issue at 5 FPS I think I can eliminate belt slippage as the problem. In fact the drive shaft disengages when I switch to 18FPS. That is really the crux of the problem. I will re-examine the possibility of being stuck in the 9 blade mode and work it backwards... I'm a pretty good mechanic but that clutch assembly is scary. These Bolex projectors are finely machined works of art. If they hadn't been pushed into obsolescence they would be 100 more costly to manufacture today. Based on the serial number mine was made in 1966.


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                        Hi Mickey! So yours is an early 18-5 Super. Mines dates from 1970 and is the 18-5L version. Does your projector have the circle design around the selector or the squared version? Let us know how you make out. Hopefully it will be an easy fix.
                        Click image for larger version

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