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Argus projector woes

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  • Argus projector woes

    Hi all. I shot my first 25 ft of 8mm and I was quiet happy with the 'look'. Unfortunately, the lens that I used on side one was stuck in a nearly closed aperture and side one was wasted. But side two was great. I bought a argus M 500 projector a while back and was really excited to play back my film. Unfortunately, the projector was really jammed up and wouldn't turn anything. I opened it, cleaned and lubed it and now it runs forward and reverse. In forward, I believe the speed is running too slow and for reverse the tension is too high and it wants to pull the reel right out of the film guide. Anyone know how to repair these machines? I would send it off if someone was interested in repairing it or was able to help me fix it over the internet. Or should I just get a different projector?

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    If I'm not mistaken it's rubber tire drive setup, rather than belt drive as other projectors. Make sure that ALL the driving surface is 100% clean and of no oil residue, at all.

    For the reverse projection issue that seems to indicate to excessive reel spindle torque. The spindle is supposed to provide some "slipping" to the reel. My wild guess that there's something locked up in the drive train - more investigation needed.


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      Thanks. I cleaned off the wheels with rubbing alcohol and that made forward work better. I agree there is something wrong with rewind. Unfortunately I burned about three holes through my first home movie and I think I'm giving up on the projector.


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        Awww, pity.

        But yes, moving on to some other projector would be a better option. Even though if you managed to get it up & running. But since this Argus seems to use some sort of rare/obsolete lamp. When the lamp burns out, then that'll be the write-off.

        My recommended choice would be a good working Sankyo SH2000 or anything that uses EFP 12V 100W lamp, which is still readily available at reasonable price. Due to its simplicity in design it should be less hassle to keep it up and running too.


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          Thank you so much for your ideas. I hadn't considered that the bulb would be hard to acquire. I'll definitely look into the project that you have mentioned and give it another try.


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            I'm also going to attempt to splice the film back together, removing the few burnt frames.