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Eumig RS3000/2500 or 900 series how to fix a common amplifier problem

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  • Eumig RS3000/2500 or 900 series how to fix a common amplifier problem

    Hi all, here is the How to for fixing a very common 900 series and rs3000 sound problem. The disassembly is for the RS3000 but the 900 serie projectors should be similar. Also note, in my collection i dont have 900 projectors yet with the huge mixers as the S940 etc so i dont know if this is a problem with those machines as i don't have experience with them.

    I also have this document in PDF so if you want it like that send me a PM

    This document is a How to fix a very common problem which occurs on the Eumig RS3000 projectors but it may apply also to other sound models made by eumig. Disassembly is different on other sound models. The problem is that there is no sound. Sometime pushing the red button a few time Without film on the side helps for a while but not always. You have to clean the switch involved in this.
    I am a trained professional with twenty years of experience repairing filmprojectors, this fix is at your own risk and I am not responsible or liable for screw-ups of the home mechanic.
    Use the right tools for the job!
    Commence at your own risk!
    Step 1:

    This projector is in a bad state and therefore used for this how to, it is not necessary to remove the faceplate, it was just hanging loose on this machine.
    What you have to do is remove the knobs for volume and recording level control. Just pull them out.
    If your machine doesn’t have them it means they got lost over the years. Replacements are available at

    Step 2:

    Remove the lamp cover by loosening the two screws holding it down. Use a coin, a screwdriver will destroy the screw heads!

    Step 3:

    check the fuse to be sure, this is the power supply for the amplifier. The fix may be as simple as that. If not, then proceed with this how to.

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    Step 4:

    Step 5:

    Gently! Flip the projector on its face, I you only have a hard surface to rest it on, put a blanket or towel under it. Don’t scratch the screen!

    Step 6:

    Lift the cover a bit and then slide it to the left. Make sure the handle on top is complety in the upward position. First undo the two speaker wires and then remove the back cover completely and put it aside


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      Step 7:

      Step 8:
      Before you do anything look at step 8A! there is a plastic bush behind the top screw which you must not loose. It will fall out! Hold it with pliers before removing the screw!

      Step 8a:


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        Step 9:

        Step 10:

        Step 11:

        This is the switch that causes problems, it switches between playback and recording and is operated by the big red button on the side.
        Dirt and oxidation is a very common cause of the amp not working.


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          Step 12:

          Again: don’t lose the small parts!

          Step 13:

          Step 14:


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            Step 15:

            Here you can see the green oxidization on the main switch body. Use some kind of polish (brasso, uni-pol, poly watch) to clean it.
            Step 16:

            When its all shiny and clean again, assemble everything in reversed order.
            99 percent of the time this fixes the problem.
            If you have any questions or need help you can contact me trough the eumig facebook page or ask the Austrian Eumig museum