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Find old fresh negative 8mm will that produce perfect print?

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  • Find old fresh negative 8mm will that produce perfect print?

    This is a hypotetical question:

    If I found an old fresh negative 8mm and brought it to Andec, will the result be perfect as what we got during Derann's time?

    NB: my question is actually where are those negatives from Derann now?... and should they be availble somewhere.. for non copyright prints (such as trailers or public domain materials), is there any interest to strike new prints?

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    Theoretically, the negatives belong to the owner of the copyright and have been returned when the distributor’s license ended. (But this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any negatives floating around.)

    As for the interest: There’s no interest and hence nobody produces new prints anymore - especially not The Reel Image, Dave, Adam & Lee. Also the German dude that is selling new Super8-trailers on doesn’t exist.


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      From what Ged has said I fear a lot of Derann negs etc ended up in landfill,


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        Just to back up Brian's comment, I believe Ged did mention this at his first "question and answer" session at Blackpool 2022 (last year) which is available to hear on Eivind Mork's "Humming Bird" podcast available to hear on this site.


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          Just to clarify, Derann printed 8mm reduction prints from 16mm negatives (which is how Andec also produce their prints)


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            Well, I don't know what was said in that podcast, but I would hope that the Red Fox negatives would have been saved, as well as other non Disney, or public domain negatives. Curiously enuf, old Castle Films and otherwise negatives pop up on ebay occasionally.
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              thanks all for the answer.. but most of yout answer is about the Derann's negative. What other point that I want to get is beacsue they are some kind like 30 years old negative, will they gove the same result like when they were new?.

              I mean, yes scratches or specks must be there due to the nature of old stuff that has been used several times, but ehat about the color? will color on negative also get fade?
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                Kodak introduced new internegative stock just after LLP so I would think they would have kept the colour well!


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                  With faded negatives/intermediate stock there is also the possibility to print the colours back, provided there is some density left in the faded material. This is how a lot of the older photochemical restorations would work.