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Elmo K-110 SM questions

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  • Elmo K-110 SM questions

    I have an Elmo K-110 SM I am trying to get functioning. I replaced the small belt that typcally fails, and installed a new bulb. It does have a broken supply reel holder, but I can get the part from Van Eck for that if I get everyrhing else working correctly. I am trying to test the function of the machine with some film of no value ot me, short strips at a time. I can get film to feed but it sometimes stops in the gate, and burns. I have inspected and cleaned the gate and made some minor adjustements. Is there any information out there on troubleshooting these issues? I can shoot some detailed video and post on youtube if there are people familiar with this machine to help?

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    That video of the issue will definitely help - please proceed. Once see the video I (and everyone else here) will be more than happy to help.


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      Here is a video explaning the issue and what I have done so far...happy to add any other video clips as requested.


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        Turns out that the actual model I have is K100SM, not 110. Pretty close but not quite identical.

        However according from your video are you absolutely certain that it is in NORMAL projection mode, and NOT in STILL/SLOW MOTION?