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  • Newcomers to Super 8mm

    I really just wanted to mention the joy of seeing newcomers enjoying and coming to the world of Super 8 film today. It certainly wonderful to read the questions and enquiring minds if that's the right words getting going with 8.

    Speaking personally and many more on this noted forum are in the same ship having entered Super 8 even Standard 8 in the 60s, some even before that!

    We have nothing but encouragement for you all and enjoy the wonders of the 8mm intermittent movement as we used to call it.
    It's certainly reel film and you have come to the right place, a place of friendly knowlegable film people who are keen to pass on experiences with film on many gauges and in some cases a lifetime of experience. What a unique place this is for all of us.


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    I think, in many ways, that they are kind of lucky.

    The prices for most super 8 prints have really dropped. Blackhawk prints that would have easily garnered 20.00 dollars each, go for around 5 to 10 dollars.

    There's even new film stock for them to actually get old super 8 cameras and shoot actual films of themselves and families!

    ... and, well, there's nothing like actually playing with and owning film.

    I know that there are a good number of digital lovers out there, but it's just not the same.