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New member, new to 8mm, need help please

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  • New member, new to 8mm, need help please

    Hello and thank you for accepting my request to join the group. I recently inherited a lot of regular 8mm home movies and would desperately love to see them. I purchased a Chinon3000 GL Super 8 on eBay. When I feed my film in it, it starts going through and goes to the rewind reel and then gets stuck (film stops and I have to open the cover to pull the film out.) I don’t have a film cutter for the lead white film. Does anyone have a picture of film that was cut with the right cutter for this projector? I am trying to re-create that with scissors. Any other suggestions as to why the film gets stuck? If I can get it going, it starts playing for a few seconds and then gets stuck. If I rewind it a bit after it gets stuck, I can maybe get it to move forward a few more seconds before I get stuck again. I hope it’s just a lead cutter that needs adjusting? Any other ideas? Thanks so much for your time, fingers crossed I can get this going.

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    Welcome Shannon....The Chinon 3000GL is a dual gauge projector. Make sure if you are running Std. 8mm that the Film Selector switch is in the upper position labeled R/8. The end of the lead just needs to be cut in a rounded half-moon shape ... like nail clippers. However if the film is running past the gate and almost to the take-up reel then the problem is not with how the leader is cut.

    Click image for larger version

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    You might want to remove the front cover and observe what happens in the film path. Might be some broken film blocking the path. Does the motor continue to run and the take-up spindle continue to spin even though the film is stuck and not moving?


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      Thank you for the picture, Janice! I suppose the problem is not in the way the film is cut, as it it making it through the feeder and to the take up reel. I will look thoroughly for anything that could be stuck inside. I had the cover off several times
      to remove my film that got stuck. The problem seems to be that the film is getting too tight and the take up reel cannot turn after about 5 seconds of running. There is no give in the film and I have to either rewind or take the film out. Sometimes, I can rewind and then play forward for another 5 -10 seconds or so before it stops again.