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B&H "Filmo 8" Model 122 (A and B) - Operating and Care Manual (Dated 2-37) PDF

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  • B&H "Filmo 8" Model 122 (A and B) - Operating and Care Manual (Dated 2-37) PDF

    Hi everyone! Thanks for allowing me to join this forum.

    I am currently working on the restoration of two Bell & Howell "Filmo 8" Model 122-A projectors. Just as a hobby, of course.
    I'll ask some technical questions here in the future, I'm sure.

    However, one of these projectors came (amazingly) with its original Operating and Care Manual. I was able to scan all 24 pages, clean it up, and made it into a PDF for anyone who needs this information.

    I'm providing this group with a link to a legible scan of all the pages in an "e-mail-friendly" PDF file size (~3.0 MB).
    This booklet applies to the Model 122-A and the Model 122-B.

    Hope it helps someone!

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    Very nice of you to upload a copy of this owner's manual. I'm sure it will come in handy for someone that needs it. I see you are from Winchester, VA, been there a few times. As you know it's the hometown of the late and great Patsy Cline. I've been to her grave twice over the last 20 years. I enjoy her music quite a bit, a very unique singer and still very popular. Anyways welcome to the forum!


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      Thanks Shane. Happy to do it.


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        122-A and Master in the work here, too. What I have already seen is that the rubber drive wheel, if left engaged for lengthy time, gets a dint. Fresh rubber wheels are needed for the many Filmo 8s. Another project.