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4 years, 9000 films, 3000 covers

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  • 4 years, 9000 films, 3000 covers

    The 15th of February, Super8database had been public for 4 years! I can’t believe how quickly time passes! And almost to the day at the anniversary we passed both 9000 films and 3000 films with a cover! That’s worth a bit of a celebration!

    I wrote up an article about it where I walk down the memory lane and look at old posts between me and Greg Perry, my right hand in this project, and early screenshots.

    Thank you so much to all that have supported the project in one way or another!

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    We all appreciate your wonderful work! Keep it up!


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      As a fellow box-man, Cheers ...Shorty


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        Greg and Eivind,

        This is a tremendous resource: something film collectors could never have dreamed of 30 years ago!

        The Internet has made the Film Collecting hobby what it is today: it's allowed the much fewer of us who are scattered thinly everywhere to come together and make things happen that would be unimaginable if it still came down to local clubs or paper communications in the mail. This database would have required publishing a literal paper book years ago, and given the fewer of us than there were back in Derann and Blackhawk days, it would never happen these days.

        -Paperback or Internet: it still requires somebody to have the idea and do the work!


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          I can't even imagine being in the hobby if it wasn't for Internet. I came late to the party, and without getting in touch with other collectors, I wouldn't even have started!

          When I woke up this morning, Greg had pushed us through 9100 films, working while I slept here in a different time zone. I have received covers from Norway to Australia just this last month. It required quite a bit of work to get to the state we are now with the database, but I have got so many friends along the way and had such fun! I just wish the day had more hours :-)


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            I wonder if there would be a film collecting hobby at all: just a scattering of isolated people showing films fearing the day their last projector dies! There could be two of 'em 10 houses apart, and they may never realize that other guy they see down the street shoveling snow or washing his car is lighting up a screen several nights a month.

            Would there still be new prints? I think it would be hard to find USED ones!

            I live in a county of 1.5 million people. To the best of my knowledge I'm THE film collector among all of them. I can basically guarantee that's not true, but unless they have an Internet presence, how would I ever know they are here?


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              New to all of this and just seeing this link for the first time. This is great. Thanks for all your work.


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                I once tried to make a list of all the films I had or had seen adverts for! I very soon gave up. Many thanks to you for continuing for four years!!!
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                  Congratulations to you and Greg on Super8database achieving this milestone. The hours that you've both put in have paid off in creating an indispensable reference site that is also a lot of fun just to browse through. Thanks so much!