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Noris D100 / Fujicascope M25 projectors

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  • Noris D100 / Fujicascope M25 projectors

    Planning some basic telecine, bought these blind at auction a while back. The Fuji runs but I'm surprised how jittery the image is. I guess made more likely by the lack of a lower sprocket...

    The Noris won't load. The loop forming lever on top won't budge. I can't entice the top sprocket to grab the film when pushed between the two white rollers. Very puzzled as to why the top one is designed to swing in a horizontal arc!!!! Something to do with dual capability? Alternative sprockets are included but look identical to those fitted...which I can't get off anyway.
    Am prepared to go looking for a good working machine, but any ideas on these ones.?

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    Update: I finally realised that the Noris loop formers move horizontally, not vertically like all the others I've encountered.
    Plus I'll try lubricating the film path of the Fujicascope. Note that it's supply reel has a constant reverse torque, an irritation that confuses some. The lamp is the old style 8/50, expensive to replace.