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Eumig P8 wiring diagram ?

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  • Eumig P8 wiring diagram ?

    Hello folks,

    I have a old family Eumig P8 projector which I am attempting to revive. I am hoping to show my now grown-up kids some family videos from the late 50s thru the 70s.

    The bulb was known to be blown and the drive belt had worn out years ago, so I ordered replacements. I now have them on hand.

    Still, the projector will not fire up (checked the fuse too). I noticed, upon disassembly, that the large (dual ?) capacitor which rests loosely on top of the motor has two wires which are now unsoldered. This might explain why the projector does not start. One was probably already disconnected, the other MAY have come loose during disassembly. In total, there are two GREEN wires, one BLACK, one RED. Does anyone know how these wires are connected ? It isn't entirely clear and I do not want to risk powering it back up with wrong connections. A wiring diagram might help, but input from anyone with experience with this model would be greatly appreciated !

    Also note that before disassembly, I had not yet tried to start it up with the bulb installed. Is this necessary ? Does the circuit require a working bulb to start ? Does the bulb somehow close the loop ?

    Many thanks,

    Mark Csaky

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20240227_111357863.jpg
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ID:	96860please find thumbnail of a P8 ref your post.

    The problem with P8`s is that they continually evolved over many varients.
    Yes you can run the machine without lamp installed but there is no separate lamp switch.
    Please be aware if you have the back off and the mains lead live in the projector, even if the projector switches are set to off the motor is LIVE!!! will give you a good tickle,


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      A BIG Thank You Tom for the reply and the answer about the lamp and the live connections. I suspected as much, but still, VERY good to know

      About the capacitor, your thumbnail does confirm what I suspected : that my loose GREEN lead is connected to the motor's armature.

      All that is left is the loose RED lead on the other side of the capacitor. I could see that it was originally loose and this is what prompted me to remove the motor assembly entirely. It's a pretty short lead (about 2 inches) so it is should most likely be connected to some terminal on the backside of the motor. I'm just not sure which one (see picture).

      If anyone has an idea what this is connected to I suspect that it would resolve my issue entirely.

      Many thanks again !


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        Good day MARK,
        Further to your last post, I am sending a thumbnail from a machine showing red wires. One goes to right hand tapping on mains input, the other to room light socket.
        Long story short, a friend dropped off 11 P8`s in December, out of these I think 2 are beyond help. So I am going to strip down to see if I can repair the last 2.
        If the pic does not solve your problem, then hopefully stripping down further will reveal all.


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          Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20240229_113403642.jpg
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ID:	97018 thumbnail as promised


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            Hello again Tom,

            I really appreciate your assistance with this.
            The wires you see are indeed the mains going to the various outlets (see pic 1 with motor removed for clarity).

            The unconnected red wire which poses a problem for me is of a smaller gauge than those and is one of the wires coming out of that capacitor which rests on top of the motor frame (see pic 2).

            If you ever do strip down one of those P8s (to the point of removing the motor) any further input and/or pic will be greatly appreciated.