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Newbie seeks advice on Eumig P8 Phonomatic

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  • Newbie seeks advice on Eumig P8 Phonomatic

    Hi and thanks for welcoming me to your forum.

    I'm afraid I am a total novice where it comes to cine equipment (my own hobby is pinball machines)

    I have a Eumig P8 phonomatic which I am hoping to resurrect to view my Dad's old 8mm footage of my childhood, and I was hoping someone on here might be able to offer some advice.

    As it stands the projector will switch on.

    I hear a motor and a fan running, and the motor changes speed with the slider switch.

    However I cannot find a switch which will transfer the drive from the motor to the reels.

    Both reels spring belts seem to be in good condition.

    In addition, the lamp never comes on - I'm not sure if this is the same problem or a failed lamp, although having researched it I understand the lamps are still available for this model.

    I don't have a manual/instruction book so I'm a little in the dark as to the correct function of the various switches etc (and how to change the lamp if needed)

    If anyone can offer me any pointers I would be most grateful

    Many thanks

    ps I have no plans to use the sound side of the projector

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    Hi, if you screw open the back of the projector, either with a knurled knob on top or a screw at the back you can remove the back panel. between the motor and the main shaft should be a belt. its probably gone. when you have it open you can take out the lamp and check its state, its either an old fashion style buld or a more modern halogen lamp. if its a bulb style lamp and its in good condition you can gently wiggle it a bit when the motor is running, you get some small sparks and the lamp wil turn on. the terminals can oxidize and prevent the current from flowing. bothe type of lamps and drive belts are available at van eck video services in Holland. they ship worldwide. Guessing from your story you have a "new"style p8, tan coloured, spoolarms on the outside, two switches side by side ?


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      That looks spot on Erik, thank you.
      Yes, that's the model I have (with screw at back)

      The lamp (old style) was in good condition but the contacts were black - I lightly cleaned them and the lamp now works.
      Can you substitue a halogen lamp for the old style, and is it better/brighter?

      The drive belt was snapped and turning sticky with age - fortunately there is no residue on the pulley wheels
      I'll order a new one.

      Really appreciate your help - thank you!


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        The lamp may be replaced by a halogen but you would need an adapter. i have found some in projectors over the years but they are rare and i have drawers full of NOS original projection lamps so for me personally i dont bother with adapting the projectors. the light may be a brighter between old style bulb of halogen but i never did a comparison. better? just more modern.


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          Thanks Erik. The belt is now ordered and on its way so I'm looking forward to be able to view those old films soon :-)