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  • Purr-Chance To Dream

    Purr-Chance To Dream - 1967 - Tom & Jerry cartoon - Colour - Original Box - Distributor Unknown

    Colour: Excellent, no edge marking so stock unknown, but the perf side is all black as was Kodachrome
    Sound : Excellent
    Box : Original flip-over box as was used by Techno Films, there is a logo which looks like a B with top/bottom with an inverted V

    Tom is dreaming of a bulldog who is driving him into the ground with a spike when he is awaked by Jerry and a very small bulldog. Tom assesses the size of the little bulldog and assumes that it will not be a threat, but he is so wrong. In a series of jokes the little one wins hands down. Tom finally goes back to sleep and carries on with his dream of the large bulldog driving him into the ground. It's only a dream.

    One of the later Tom & Jerry cartoons. This one from Chuck Jones. I must admit that I don't care for his films as Tom and Jerry usually have been redesigned. However, in this cartoon they still look like our dear friends.
    The T & J logo has been removed and only the usual MGM cartoon logo and the actual main title remain. At the end there is a simple "THE END". I believe that this was originally 'scope, but this print is the usual 4 x 3 format and does not show any signs of cropping.
    The plastic case is blue with a card which slides in and the front side has a full colour picture of Tom wearing a sailor's hat, Jerry (for some reason) is holding a guitar. It certainly is not a scene from the film, however, it does say Tom & Jerry.

    Highly recommended.


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    I think that's the company's generic Tom & Jerry box label it I have a copy of Mice Follies (renamed "Tom & Jerry Skaters" on the box in type together with color sound which seems American) with the same design on the insert and flip box. The original title and Tom & Jerry logo are on the film but it also has the black edging and no balance stripe.

    I too wonder which company released them.