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  • In The Pink Of The Night

    In The Pink Of The Night - Pink Panther cartoon - 1969 - Colour - Film Office release

    Colour - Eastman, which looks a little Pinky (sorry about the pun)
    Sound - Very good
    Box - Original Film Office cardboard

    Pinky has great trouble getting out of bed in the mornings. First the alarm clock is smashed, then the radio alarm has its mains lead cut and then the telephone is despatched into a hole in the floor. Then the window roller blind goes up to reveal a sunny morning, Pinky's wrist watch shows 9am. Pinky now gets quickly mobilised and stopping to dress with a peaked cap he rushes to the railway station just in time to see the train departing, Evidently he is the station despatcher. He buys a guaranteed "wake you" cuckoo clock. Come the next morning and the cuckoo does its best to rouse the sleeping PInky. Eventually Pinky takes the clock and throws it in a river. Full of remorse he goes home to find the cuckoo has beaten him to it. The next early morning shows them both in bed as a new alarm clock goes off and the cuckoo leans out of bed and smashes it with a large cudgel.

    A very good sample of a Pick Panther cartoon which is full of delightful gags which mainly are with the cuckoo doing its very best to rouse Pinky. This French Film Office release has ""Pinky & Le Coucou" on its box label. All original titles have been replaced. First is (in French) a warning for only private exhibition, then the Film Office logo, finally, the new main title which is in English and French. The end, of course, is the usual FIN.

    I recommend this release, if it had good colour it would be highly recommended


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    Thank you for the review of one of my favorite Pink Panther cartoons. I have a Walton print of this and the color is still good.


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      Thanks for the review; I just received 3 Film Office Pink Panther releases last week and they are great fun (and you don't have to worry about dubbing since there is no dialogue).


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        I feel the same about my silent copy of "Pink Blue Plate" from Walton on Agfa - no dialogue to miss (as with Road Runner Cartoons).