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  • Keystone Hotel

    Keystone Hotel - 1935 - 14 minutes - Comedy - Black & White - CineVision release

    Print = Very good contrast and density
    Sound = Very good
    Box = Original yellow cardboard with stuck on photo of the Keystone Kops in their Police Patrol vehicles

    The Keystone Hotel hosts a beauty contest, each husband hoping that their wife will win. Unfortunately the crossed-eyed judge presents the prize to an elderly cleaning lady. The angry audience start throwing custard pies so the Keystone Kops are called out but they also get pelted when they arrive.

    This was originally released by Warners, the box carries an added sticker saying that it was released by Portland Films Ltd. The cross-eyed judge is Ben Turpin. It's good to see the Chief of Police is the original played by Ford Sterling, also featured are two other players who once were Keystone Kops, Chester Conklin and Hank Mann.

    The film moves at a great pace and is a good reminder of the comedies of yesteryear.