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  • THAT'S CARRY ON! Walton Films

    One thing we are never short of on Super 8 sound film is a comedy movie, either feature film or abridged releases. Three interesting releases from Walton films turned up to collectors fairly quickly after the feature release of THAT'S A CARRY ON! 1977 a film showcasing clips from the many Carry on team films from across the years.

    From memory I seem to recall these three 200ft edits were made available late 1980 with content as follows

    A922 Part 1 Carry on Doctor, Cruising and Cowboy.
    A923 Part 2 Carry on Screaming and Doctors.
    A924 Part 3 Carry on Loving, Abroad and Khyber.

    Each 200ft reel is nicely edited with excellent sound and good print quality from Walton making for a really fun watch on your home screen. I was particularly struck by the print quality of Part 2 which has Carry on Screaming easily as good as the Full feature from Derann Films.

    Regretfully you do not see these 3 X 200ft films up for sale very often which may be due to a fairly limited print run perhaps at the time but if you do see them they are well worth adding to your collection.

    Print quality A Sound A

    Click image for larger version

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    The original boxes have black and white photographs but these have colour for effect.

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    I have parts 1 and 2. Part 2 is on LPP part, 1 has no marking and it beetroot colour. So if you see them available you have to check.


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      Great review Lee. Does this Walton version contain any of the linking shots with Kenneth and Babs, and also any of the credits with Kenny's speech.

      Graham S


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        Hi Graham. All the faces are in them and worthy of any collection.

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        Brian here is a scan of my reel 1 leader beautiful.
        Funny but when I look back to the 1970's 80's I don't think we really bothered about the film stock did we?

        Click image for larger version  Name:	DSC00002.JPG Views:	0 Size:	40.5 KB ID:	18459


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          I was checking the edge printing them, but only because the print quality was so varied then. I now know it was lab standards and master element not the stock used.


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            A few snaps taken off screen only with a mobile on the trusty Eumig 860 HID projectile.

            Click image for larger version

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              we have all three plus part one of the full feature, makes for an even better version with full titles and the little snips with Kenneth Williams and Barbera Windsor, (which are corny as hell). The good thing is there is no repeated footage from part one as this reel from the feature starts from the early carry on's