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Lights out and the stars appear 1972

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  • Lights out and the stars appear 1972


    (Film produced by John Burgoyne-Johnson 1972)

    I cant imagine and cine film collector would want to be without this excellent Super 8 sound release tracing the history of 9.5mm film, equipment and the very roots of our interest in home movies.

    The film itself was filmed on 16mm covering all things 9.5 and other formats including 8mm of course. It starts with the development of 9-5 in the early 20's and the Pathe/Pathescope companies ups and downs. Of particular interest is the coming of optical and magnetic sound films along with the various projector conversions that were happening in the later years. Meetings of Group 9-5 are also included along with rare footage of film printing and much more.

    The film was available in various versions and from a few sources when new, both in 400ft abridged format and full length at 600ft magnetic sound Super 8. PM Films initially handled distribution followed by Buckingham Movie Museum and lastly Derann Films who picked up the negative printing on colour stock. The best prints are the Derann released prints on colour stock which are very sharp indeed and muted B&W. A DVD is also out there scanned from the original 16mm film and its worth re dubbing older S8 PM releases from it to max out of audio quality.

    All in all a essential Super 8 film for your collection which will enthuse you even more in the wonders of film collecting.

    Print quality
    PM Films ***
    Buckingham MM ***early print run ***** last ones
    Derann Films *****

    Enjoy the film Lee Mannering

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    As Lee says, an essential film for anybody's collection, but the film is clearly of major significance for 9,5mm collectors, being essentially a valentine to Pathescope. Nice to see Ivan (the terrible) Watson at work writing his occasionally vitriolic column for Movie Maker, and the Editor of MM himself Tony Rose. Gerald McKee is also seen, along with other 9,5mm stalwarts such as Patrick Moules and Larry Pearce. All in all a great and terrifically interesting reel, which is very repeatable. Commentary is by Michael Bentine.
    Unfortunately I have yet to see it for sale on super 8mm, but for now the DVD is just fine.


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      I have a 9.5 print of this film.


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        I would love to have a print of this. I do have a copy on VHS tape. I don't know if it was ever released this way but I made a nice case for it. I have had it a long time and I don't quite remember where it came from but at the time I just received the tape. Here is a picture of the case I made.... Click image for larger version

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          Very nice Bill! Your picture has inspired me to do the same thing for my DVD copy. Incidentally you might want to consider copying your VHS tape to an archival quality DVD disc.


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            I've never owned a copy of this but did watch it at the upstairs cinema at the Buckingham Museum.


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              My Super 8 copy is from PM Films and I am quite satisfied with it.



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                Dom That is so rare as only a couple of test prints were made.


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                  Lee, I could buy it at an auction at Harpenden. I was sure I would have no chance at all but to my great surprise, no interest in the UK. I'm more than happy I could buy this film.


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                    I remember you buying it Dom but the print did have problems as Ken Valentine told me who sold it. I cant remember what he told me though


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                      It was described as having a low sound, which I didn't find. However, the film doesn't run easily on one of my Buckingham (like if there were damaged perforations, which isn't the case) but runs perfectly on the other Buckingham. The mysteries of the projection art...


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                        Mine also is a PM .Picture and sound are very good.