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  • The Man Who Knew Too Much

    This Review is based on the Full Super 8 Feature release from The Reel Image
    The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956 ) Paramount Studios Starring James Stewart and Doris Day, Directed By Alfred Hitchcock

    THE PLOT: An American couple, the McKennas and their only son are vacationing in Morocco where they befriend a French gentleman name Louis Bernard who is very friendly yet somewhat suspicious. Bernard offers to take the couple to dinner and then immediately cancels when a strange man accidentally knocks on the McKennas door. The story becomes more suspicious when at Dinner on there own, the Mckennas see Bernard enter the very same Restaurant with a woman they have not met. The following day at a Moroccan Market the Mckenna family are enjoying the sights the Mckennas see a man being chased by police and he is then stabbed in the back by a stranger. Dying, the man walks towards Ben McKenna and collapses in front of him. Ben ( Stewart ) realizes the dying man is a disguised Louis Bernard who whispers a warning to Ben about an assassination plot of a Stateman in London and alert the authorities about " Ambrose Chappell". While at the local police station giving his statement, Ben receives a phone call from another stranger informing him that "they" have kidnapped his son Hank and will not harm him as long as Ben keeps Bernard's warning to himself.
    Summarizing the film any further would reveal many spoilers, thus suffice it to say it is the typical Hitchcock thriller with plenty of suspense, a Rousing Bernard Herrmann score, and fine performances by Stewart and Day.

    The Print: My print arrived on 7X400' reels. Polyestar Low Fade stock. The Print has Dual Magnetic tracks which offer excellent recording quality as the finished recording booms with clear fidelity and very dynamic range. The picture / color quality is the usual superb quality one can expect from A Reel Image Print. It equals the color and sharpness excellence of Rear Window and Vertigo, Also from Steve. All Hitchcock / Super 8 fans should consider this one for their collection. Thoroughly entertaining from start to finish...
    Click image for larger version

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    Excellent the top of my list of Hitchcock films....I have this print as well but still need to have the sound recorded on it. I am looking forward to when I can screen mine. Nice review and it looks great.


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      Was this a scope release originally?


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        It was Released in VistaVision aspect ratio 1.85 : 1 This flat version is exceptional with no pan and scan...


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          Bill, if you are not equipped to record sound on the print I highly recommend 2 Forum members
          in the U.S. who offer the service. Lance and Adam would do wonderful work for you. Unless you intend to do it yourself. Let me know when you have finally completed and screened your print!


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            Thanks Burton! I have had both of them re-record some films for me before and Adam lives about 20min away. I am planning on having him do the sound on it. It is very convenient that we can meet up and just hand the films over person to person.


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              Bill, you're one lucky man to have that convenience!


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                Excellent review Burton!


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                  Thanks Joe! Any Hitchcock feature available on Super 8 is a gem in my opinion. The fact that this one, Rear Window and Vertigo are still available as new prints is a collectors dream.
                  I also have from eBay auctions Suspicion an North By Northwest. I am always looking for others. Currently have an eye on one and pending order from The Reel Image for a print of Psycho on B&W stock. Just waiting to hear when the lab has sufficient quantity for a run.
                  All of the prints from Steve are marvelous.


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                    What a great review! Thank You, Burtonđź“˝


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                      Thanks Oliver! I erred in my previous post. Suspicion came From Paul Foster Films, my first purchase from him. A very nice print! I have ordered several since and I am always satisfied.
                      the other Hitchcock I was I was referring to was the ABC release of Spellbound. A Classic with 2 great lead characters.


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                        Wasn't the original with Peter Lorre released on super 8 as well?


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                          Originally posted by Osi Osgood View Post
                          Wasn't the original with Peter Lorre released on super 8 as well?
                          Yep, Blackhawk. I have the 16mm version.