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Christmas Trailer Reel - from The Reel Image

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  • Christmas Trailer Reel - from The Reel Image

    Christmas Trailer Reel

    About 150ft, color, Stereo sound

    From The Reel Image - Steve Osborne

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Christmas trailer reel.jpg
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    So nice to be threading up a brand new super 8 print for the first time in over a decade!
    This little reel includes three full length trailers, preceded by a DTS trailer logo. The films are, in order, Ernest Saves Christmas, Deck the Halls, and The Muppet Christmas Carol.
    First impressions are excellent print quality, with the Elmo f1.0 lens the screen image was sharp as a tack over the entire picture frame. Colors are perhaps a little muted compared with older Christmas releases, but this is probably just the difference in the look of modern natural color systems compared with the saturated colors favored in older films. Certainly no complaints or criticism here, just an observation. Picture steadiness was excellent and the film ran very smoothly through both the Elmo GS1200 and the Eumig S938 Stereo.
    Stereo sound quality is good, although the sound of the DTS logo trailer seemed a bit 'peaky', at least on my equipment.
    The subject trailers are all very good, my favourate being The Muppet Christmas Carol which had some snippets of the songs.
    Packaging is non-existent, no box was included, at least not in my shipment. However a print out of a box cover was included for attachment to a standard 200ft film box.
    All in all, a terrific little trailer compilation which runs for about 8 minutes., and a wonderful intro reel to any Christmas film program. Well done everybody involved in this new super 8 film project.

    Highly recommended.

    Print A+
    Stereo sound A
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    Just found out from Steve that the box art he provides with the film has a peel-off backing for self adhesion to a box. If you do need a box, presumably you can order one (at normal additional cost) at the time you order the film. Many collectors however may not need a box because this trailer reel is probably going to end up spliced ahead of a feature or digest reel.


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      A new Christmas release and Santa is reelly happy!

      CHRISTMAS TRAILER REEL No1 (Reel Image) Supplied on a 200ft reel.

      A new arrival and oh ho ho such a welcome release on Super 8 and with Stereo sound no less but playable on any super 8 sound projector.
      This is a first for RI as from a fading memory I cant recall ever seeing a 200ft reel release of yule tide magic issued to collectors containing no less than 3 seasonal trailers with the bonus of a recent animated opener.

      The reel starts with a lovely animated Digital Cinema opener which is nice and dynamic. We then have the first of the trailers Earnest Saves Christmas a comical film starring Jim Varney and a host or reindeer. Next up is Deck The Halls Danny DeVito and Matthew Broderick, ah and those dancing girls. So love this films and this is a welcome trailer in our collection. Finally Muppet Christmas Carol with Michael Caine and our beloved Muppets who take on Mr Scrooge. The trailer includes song clips as well and if this doesn't get you in the Christmas spirit nothing will ☃☃☃☃

      The whole reel is a wonderful opener for your Christmas show and will make you smile with Super 8 joy as it is sharp and quite colorful as well. A treat of a release from Reel Image and fear not, if you missed the first order window another one is open for you to order.

      A huge thank you to Steve for making this magic happen just in time for Christmas and I will be projecting it in my Christmas street show from the bedroom window onto a white house wall which has now become a Christmas event here.

      I have no hesitation in giving this seasonal release a 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲 Christmas tree star review.

      Enjoy and thank you Reel Image.

      A few mobile snaps off the side of the screen.

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        Since there were 2 separate reviews of this release, I've combined them both into the thread that was posted first.

        Thank you for the reviews, Paul & Lee. I've got this one on order.


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          Sorry Doug that'll be me brain playing tricks. Great reel tho.


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            Whats the price of the reel ?


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              Hi David contact reel image via web site to order.
              Happy Christmas


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                I received my copy this morning and what a reel. I cant really add any more to what has already been said except to say this is a fabulous reel of Christmas joy which is very repeatable. I've already watched it 3 times already and will watch it again over the next few days. As Paul said the image is very sharp. Also the masters used are in good condition as there is hardly any damage. Having the DTS opener will amaze your audience that this is super 8. Well done to everyone involved in getting this printed, striped and recorded etc. A must for your Christmas shows.

                Graham S


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                  Bless you Graham. We've not seen a seasonal reel for a very long time and now its here even I cant believe it and I helped make it happen! 😃
                  I'm guessing as its so popular we will see at least another two coming and how lucky are we to have ReelImage making the dreams we have become reality. It's a beaut and if anyone missed the boat first time round you need to get your order in a.s.a.p as another order for copies will be going ahead.

                  Watched my own Super 8 CHRISTMAS TRAILER REEL No #1 at least 15 times and its is wonderful and extremely sharp produced mostly from new masters = Quality.

                  More releases scheduling from Reel Image and details will probably be posted here first! Thank you for supporting it and SO efforts, the reel film man.


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                    Lee, I would love to see a reprint of that great VistaVision White Christmas trailer, mine's getting faded.


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                      Yes mines gone as well but it's a good trailer.

                      You never know what's coming next on 8, so if we keep sending those positive waves man we may see a nice new release on that wonderful new Kodak film stock. Would be so nice.