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  • Curse of the Werewolf Hammer Films

    This new release comes to you on a 200ft reel and what a great reel it is.

    It opens with no less than two teaser trailers including the main feature. They are short and ideal for this release and guessing this is a first on 8mm!

    Then we are into the Werewolf Hammer classic itself which is brilliantly edited and some beautifully mixed sound which transitions each scene gorgeously and seamlessly.

    Ok I'm a bit of a Oliver Reed fan and this Hammer has a top track record for Hammer.

    This is a B&W print with great high quality soundtrack. The film print itself is of beautiful fine grain and a welcome addition to my collection, the Hammer one that is.

    Print quality 10
    Sound 10

    PS if you intend to order do it now as lab costs raise new year.

    If you are in UK order a mute print as dubbing is available in uk making a saving for you.

    Well done David

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    Good review Lee, but for a minute I thought it was "Curse of the Were Rabbit", I got that wrong.....must be old age


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      Or wishful thinking!


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        You never know Graham :-)

        The thing is with this release in B&W it has something quite special, a really beautiful grade to it with some excellent shadow detail. The lab have done a superb job on this without any doubt and a bit of a 200ft treasure really. Treat yourself if you can fellow collectors.

        Even more nostalgic for me in Oct 1972 I think it was I went up in a lift with Oliver Reed at London Weekend TV and came down again with Russel Harty and Janet Street Porter who were great friends I could tell. I was working on a children's series as a child actor but was in awe of Oliver Reed most certainly. He looked down on me in that lift in a nice way asking 'What are you working on young man'.

        I think Dave is about to order print run no 2 so get hold of him on here if you intend to order.

        Best wishes to all.


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          I have this digest, as well and love it as you do, Lee.


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            Tis a beautiful thing with some wonderful b&w shadow detail. We love it and the two teaser trailers at the start are excellent. Dave has a gift and appreciation for great film imaging which anyone who knows film will get. I see great things coming from him in the future and much appreciated from uk collectors.
            Isn't it great these new releases can span the globe for collector's.


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              Finally got my copy and screened it. Starts off with the trailer for the double bill Curse of the Werewolf/The Shadow of the Cat. I have never seen the full film but this digest delivers the's killer, no filler! Image quality is excellent and it plays well in B&W even though the film was made in color. Hammer films always have such great atmosphere and this one is no exception. Excellent sound on this one too! Here are a couple screenshots I took

              Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_8188[1].JPG
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              Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_8189[1].JPG
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              Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_8192[1].JPG
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Name:	IMG_8194[1].JPG
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Name:	IMG_8196[1].JPG
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              Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_8197[1].JPG
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              Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_8199[1].JPG
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                Nice stills and it looks like a nice sharp print!


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                  Yes Burton....I can say it even looks better IN PERSON !!


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                    Yes the print is pin stills don't quite do the print justice but it's quite nice in person!


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                      I wanted to be sure this release is indeed on B&W stock before considering. I have a B&W Ed Wood trailer printed on color stock from the same lab. Not that good in person. Earlier posts indicated that this might be the case with this digest prior to release. If David, Bill or Lee are able to determine what film stock this Digest is released on I would greatly appreciate it.


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                        Burton. When my own print arrives will update but it looks B&W to me and very VERY sharp. My own review was not from my film so don't have it to hand to check. Since the rev we now have a remixed Stereo track for it and it makes probably one of the best 200ft B&W spook reels I have seen on my own Elmo.
                        All we need now is to get Shadow of the Cat to go with it.
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	curse.jpg
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                          This film also has a wonderful score by Benjamin Frankel - and there's plenty of it in the cut down. Frankel composed the score using 12-tone methods and it fits the film perfectly, giving it an unnerving feel throughout.


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                            There at least two versions of the end of this film does this film use the UK version or the “Continental“ version? Adrian Winchester ?


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                              SPOILER ALERT !!!!!!

                              Joe. It ends with Oliver running up the bell tower, shot then full end titles.