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    Seem to remember The Pod Race release which we are chatting about here came out in 2007 even with my long covid brain draw back. This was towards the end of beloved Derann and produced from 35mm positive as far as I can remember with several cuts in the final spool which to this day I find not needed, but that's just me. Dear Derek had passed so it was over to young Ade and our Ged to keep momentum for 8mm collectors. This reel delivers and I do like the colour pallet along with all the action. The 4K UHD Blu-Ray is excellent but this 8mm release had a beautiful organic look to it in the last throws of Derann Films. Quite a special one for me...


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      Just to quickly add regarding Lee comments on his Eumig 822. Yesterday I did a quick measurement on the aperture plate "top to bottom" of both Elmo and my Eumig 810. What I found was the Elmo was .149 thou, the Eumig .169 thou. The difference is .020. That is actually quite a bit for a 8mm. That means more top and bottom screen image with this Eumig, just the thing for Scope. Many times I have run Scope films over the years, and inch the frame up or down just to see what I am missing, and the conclusion I came to in many cases, is that, the image is there, but the limitations of aperture plate is not letting you get to see it.

      Checking the Eumig proves that the Elmo has been made with a smaller top and bottom gap, on a side note width wise, the Elmo was .206, four thou wider than the Eumig .202. Not much of a difference on the width, but certainly more on the height.

      Ideal would be to have a adjustable top and bottom aperture plate you could adjust to give the maximum top and bottom adjustment for Super8 Scope.


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        I went to bed thinking about this Graham and hatched a cunning plan to do what you have just done. 😀 50 years late its something I never thought to look into on any S8 projector, we live and learn.

        We had a dive into the Star Wars archive yesterday and included el Pod Race again on the Eumig HID then my GS1200. Yes the aperture is notably cropped on the GS1200 vertically.

        On my latest Eumig HID conversion. The Elmo GS1200 is of course a gorgeous machine in many other areas, but its always been the same with equipment. Converted a Bolex SM80 to HID lighting with the benefit of 800 spool capacity.
        Click image for larger version  Name:	z pod2.jpg Views:	0 Size:	47.1 KB ID:	28060


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          Interesting topic this. I do wonder what Super 8 projector has the biggest aperture as there are plenty of other makes around. I have a Sankyo but not so easy to measure it.

          I also wonder if printing in letterbox would have given you the full frame? For the record I'm not too fussed about it being slightly cropped. It's just fantastic owning and projecting a Derann scope print .

          Graham S


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            Thanks Lee for taking the time to do the comparison.

            Using your screen shot compared to mine shows how the Elmo projectors including the ST range after measuring a spare ST1200 and ST180 gates all have the same dimensions. It looks to me being pressed stainless steel its impossible to use a needle file to open them up.

            Yesterday I did try holding a Scope lens in front of a Bell and Howell DCT and it did look that there was more aperture top and bottom gap on the screen.

            However I will need to make a bracket to hold the Scope lens to fully try it out. As Graham mentioned above, I to also wonder what other projectors are better with the Scope image.

            I have used Lee image and mine of this one scene, the difference is very apparent.

            Click image for larger version

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            Click image for larger version

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              For comparison from Disney +.
              "Many Bothans died to bring us this information."


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                Ah the pressed stainless steel may be a problem unless you use a small grinding wheel. I wouldn't attempt it tho.